Be prepared with bulk cooking.

I save money by cooking on one day and then creating my own ‘ready meals’ for the rest of the week. I can stretch anything if I have to. £2.49 of chicken pieces will make chicken stew for two days, £2.99 of extra lean minced beef will make 4 servings of ragu sauce and 4 servings of chilli beef. Today we had half the chilli beef with rice and a tomato and onion salad. I froze the other half. Below is ragu sauce for four. We always stretch it with a huge salad and a loaf of homemade bread.
Here’s the chilli beef, that we had with some bread and a bowl of salad.
Here’s the remainder of the chilli beef that we froze. There are five meals in the freezer, ready to be eaten whenever we want them. From leaving home to returning again, my working days are twelve hours long so I make sure I’m prepared so I can save myself time and money. I would never dream of popping out for a takeaway because I’m too busy. Each meal still cost under £1 per person.


8 thoughts on “Be prepared with bulk cooking.

  1. I do this too usually at least once or twice a week. I usually fix lasagne, taco soup, chicken casserole etc. as they freeze well. It's really saved us some money on those days where I just don't feel like cooking. No more excuses for a fast-food run!


  2. I alway's have cooked Bean's,Lentil's,Soup's,Rice and H/Made Bread in the Freezer,i like to keep all my Meal's under $1.00 a serve,i have also cut back on eating Meat,very expensive here in Australia,i would never buy Take-away.


  3. Like some other people said – soup/broth mix makes everything go further meat/veggie/soup the lot – also full of fibre/protien. Also, also you can make a big pot of this and then pack it up into portions (and freeze) to add when required without waiting for the soak time and so on. I use a box of this – but you can prolly buy it even cheaper loose.


  4. Dry veggie mince can be mixed in to stretch it further too! It's cheap and nutricious. I always mix lentils in too – dry are cheaper but even tins are much cheaper than the equivalent amount of mince (veggie or otherwise). Of course having been vegan for a long time I have no idea about the price of meat but if you are careful with what you buy and cook eating veggie can be a very cheap way to eat. For the lady who said she's trying to lose weight veggie mince is infinitely lower in fat and calories than meat so substituting for some of your meals might be worth a go! After years of eating virtually all home cooked from scratch food I tend to find a lot of other stuff (takeaway/food out) bland, boring and expensive. My palate is trained for better things nowadays!


  5. I'm another one who does this, too! I make a huge veggie curry(chick peas and spinach is The Best!)or veggie mince in a mexican tomato sauce and freeze them ready for when I crave a take away. All I have to do is boil up some rice to go with it! It's saved us a fortune


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