How do frugals have a social life?

Eating out can cost almost £20 for the two of us so we rarely do that, maybe twice a year. We’ve long since given up going to the cinema or theatre, we no longer go to the basketball, football or rugby and I must admit that I miss all of the things that I mentioned. However, we do still have a social life, we meet up with friends, we have friends over for lunch or dinner and we can always find a bit more money in the budget to entertain people or put some diesel in the car to go and vist people.

We had a night out in Devon!!!!! For the Cornish that’s tantamount to leaving the country!!! We drove via Gunnislake. Down past Drake Walls and over the Tamar Bridge (the original one)
We headed to Tavistock and then five miles out of Tavistock on the highest village in Devon, famous for the foreboding Dartmoor Prison, built by Napoleonic Prisoners of war and a high security prison, into Princetown. Where we went for a wonderful evening with friends, who we only see once in a while so it was a delight to see them and have dinner cooked for us.
We drove home, taking the southerly route off the moors, via Yelverton and into Plymouth.
I had to include the pictures of the wild Dartmoor ponies which just trot through Princetown and the other Dartmoor towns as if humans didn’t exist!
Through Plymouth and over the Tamar Bridge (the new one) and home again. So as Frugals, we mix with frugal friends and they’ll come to us for dinner sometime soon. A great night out with only the cost of the diesel.


8 thoughts on “How do frugals have a social life?

  1. I like utulizing our campervan in frugal outings and frugal socializing. We pack a pic-nic, add 2 good friends and head out somewhere nice and sceenic. Good food, good company and a beautiful view thrown in, free. All it costs is diesel and a few pennies for some goodies as a special dessert.


  2. I am glad you didn't snaffle a pony for the freezer! hehehe

    Looks lovely down in your part of the country – I really need to get out and visit more of my own country!



  3. sounds like you had a good night out
    cinema: I once registered with a website called see film first where sometimes you get offered two free tickets to see a film, you can either register by e-mail or get text updates which cost a few pounds but it's still cheaper than full price tickets, been offered a few tickets but hubby is always working
    Josie x


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