The day before payday!

We all know how this feels. The lodger’s money went in. I bought car and house insurance and the lodger’s money went out. Balance? £10.11! However I have saved myself £443.48 simply by judiciously checking every price comparison website. We’ve shopped around in the past but never as ruthlessly as I have this time. The renewal quote on the home insurance was £410.33 and the cover I bought, giving me exactly the same cover as I previously received was £143.85. My car insurance renewal quote was £344.64 and again the cover I bought, giving me exactly the same level of protection is £167. I have bought both policies through my Quidco account and have earned a further £78 in cash back. So in fact my total saving is £521.48. I might only have a tenner left to my name at the end of the month but I am feeling flush with my money saving abilities!

I also came home to the evening sun illuminating the beech tree at the end of my garden, which in turn made me feel positively loaded. The rain has made everything look emerald and luscious .

Everything has burst into life; especially the potatoes. They are incredibly easy to grow. All in all, even though I have £10.11 left to my name until I get paid; I actually feel extremely rich. I am always well stocked and there’s plenty of food in the freezer and the cupboards. I’ve been careful with money by finding good insurance deals, I’ve been careful all month so we’re not short of anything and my garden and my surroundings make me feel so lucky to be here.


13 thoughts on “The day before payday!

  1. Hi dub! I first checked go compare and then compare the meerkats and then I looked at the cashback on quidco. It can take up to 90 days to get the cash back so i had to go for the cover I could afford with the money I have now, but still it saved me money


  2. Warning about Quidco – don't count in the cashback when you are calculating your savings on insurance. I commented here about Quidco here ages ago and have not had a real problem – up until now. We got our house insurance through Quidco last summer and were due £70 cashback. More Than have declined to pay it. I queried it and Quidco got back in touch this week and said the insurance company have again refused to pay and that's it – no cashback and nothing can be done apparently although I did everything through Quidco quite properly. I was VERY careful to do it properly as £70 is a lot of money. I've only ever had refusals from insurance companies and all but this one have worked out ok in the end even though I've had to query it. This is not Quidco's fault but the insurance company. Guess which insurance company we won't be using again…?


  3. Wow wonderful Jane. Could you let me know which insurer you have gone to now, for the car insurance. I pay over £300 a year for ours as you did.
    We too have a beech tree outside our back door, it's just lovely this time of year. I put up a bird box in it 2 years ago, and we now have a family of wrens nesting in it


  4. it's just too damn easy to renew your insurance, I think they rely on people doing this without shopping around – but when you get deals like that it makes you realise just how much other companies are ripping you off!



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