In one hand and out the other!

Off to the bank tomorrow; the rent has been paid! Whenever I hear someone say ‘money’s not important’; I usually remind them that it’s pretty difficult without it. I need to bank this pronto as I have a mass of bills to pay, the car insurance and the home insurance! Oh and another bogglin’ thing…………the upstairs loo broke today and it’s been running water all day! So back to the DIY store for a new flush device! Thank the Lord for Dearly Beloved as I certainly can’t afford a plumber! I’m now off to search QUIDCO to get the best deals with the best cash back!


16 thoughts on “In one hand and out the other!

  1. I know what you mean.

    We've had water coming through our flat roof for the past couple of years and have tried not to look up, but recently its got bad. We've had someone come in and give us a quote and he's talking about replacing the whole ceiling which is warped. Money comes hard, but its easy to go 😦


  2. It's crap isn't it knowing there are a million and one things that need repair but not having the money or time to do em? But I know lots of folk to who money is the be all an end all and they aren't happy so it's important but not everything!


  3. hi ghd – I don't think he reads this! but either way, I am so glad he paid. We can buy the bits for the loo, can pay for the house and car insurance without leaving ourselves penniless for the rest of the month. I'm trying to get rid of DD's and pay up but it's hard to get that habit started.


  4. Great news about the rent. I love money but never have enough of it. It's in one hand and out the other:( Or I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul. I thought at my age I would be comfortable but it isn't to be at the moment. Oh well “Keep Calm and Carry On”


  5. Great about the rent, tough about the loo. I have finally called in the repairman for the dishwasher have lived without it for 2 months, but husband can no longer stand it. As he (repairman) repairs ovens, I'm hoping he can help with the oven, it only goes by switching it on at the wall and only does fan/bake. It never rains it pours when it comes to electrical stuff I find.


  6. Sorry to hear about your loo! I know how it goes–the water pipes burst this past winter and I use a water hose to pipe water inside while waiting for a friend to get time for repairs–quid pro quo and I'm so thankful for the hose! I love your blog!


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