The sum of all our days!

I hope to live until I am 90 and if I do I will have lived for 32,850 days! I have been alive for approximately 16, 180 days and I have 245 days until I will have lived half my life. After that; I will have less time left than I’ve already had. I have looked back over my blog and taken a look at the sum of my days. I have catalogued almost every day this year and strangely enough, even though I have set myself rigorous guidelines to live by; it has been the best year of my life.

Throughout my school holiday last year; I cleaned holiday caravans and people left soap, shower gel, unopened toothpaste and cleaning products and I recently finished the last of the shower gel. At the end of the summer, I took the money I had made and bought myself some new work clothes and they were the last new clothes I bought. At Christmas we made the bold decision to only buy presents for our own kids and mothers; no one minded. Throughout the Autumn term I started extra tutoring and was paid at the end of March and paid off half of one credit card balance. In the Easter holiday, we made some money from ebay and bought bits and pieces for our garden (including a water butt) and I have a patio full of sprouting and emerging veggies.

As I look back over my blog; I can’t notice anything I went without and when I count up the sum of my days I can look truly positively at the days I’ve had, which in turn gives incredible optimism for the days ahead. It can be claustrophobic but it has also given me time to think, reflect, read, just sit, drink coffee on my garden step and have a sleep in my sun warmed shed on a cold spring afternoon. It’s a long journey and I have to have days like this when I sit and reflect on how far I’ve come and just look at the view and enjoy that mountain moment when I can see the ‘promised land’.


5 thoughts on “The sum of all our days!

  1. You have worked very hard in the past year and deserve the rewards of paying off the debt. Have to ask what is the strangest/most odd thing or item you have found whilst cleaning caravans?


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