To pee or not to pee?

I hate South West Water! There…I’ve go that off my chest. I have no option but to buy water off them and they force the price up by us having to pay for the crud of tourists, (no offence to anyone who holidays in the South West but we pay for you to have clean beaches) so big businesses make money and the tourists cost the ordinary folk!!! (I think they should bag it and take it home with them!!!!)

I can do what I can to save money but there is nothing I can do to save water. I think I’ll get Dearly Beloved to rig up some Heath Robinson type affair to collect water as we’re using too much. We had our water meter fitted on the 17/02/2010 and had the meter read on the 19/04/2010 and have used 27 cubic metres of water! At £1.69 per cubic metre to buy it and £2.76 per cubic meter to dispose of it! So my bill for two months is £126.96!!!! It comes to something when you have to cut back washing to save money! I am though saving money as my bill for un-metered water was £1224.13 last year! and a direct debit of £122.40 for ten months of payments!

Well that’s it then! I’ll be nipping into the sports centre for a two or three showers a week, piddling in my compost heap and ‘airing’ clothes instead of always washing them! It comes to something when an ordinary person has to cut back on groceries and lighting to pay to have a poo! GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! It’s time to get a few of these and save my own rain water!


20 thoughts on “To pee or not to pee?

  1. It is disgraceful that they can be allowed to charge that much. Our water and sewage bills together come to just about £53.00 per month (unmetered) and I think that is daylight robbery.


  2. Yeah you got rid of some of ours last year so apologies but if it's any consolation loads fell from the sky so there was plenty of replacement and I was spending my money to boost your local economy keeping people there for you to teach!
    The big companies are to blame really, I know there are a lot of tourist etc, but a few years ago I seem to recall Yorkshire Water had one of the worst leakage rates whilst imposing hosepipe bans and posting huge profits!

    A word of advice against wazzing in your compost. Don't. Female wee contains different chemicals to male stuff and it can be harmful. So get the beloved to do it instead! Not too much though our the mix will get wet and not compost properly.
    Also diluted about 1 to a hundred in a watering can, it is very good for your lawn. Now grass doesn't interest me much in itself but it is a fantastic compost activator which my crops like!

    When rain falls by the way it falls in the same quantity within a given area which is why rainfall is measured in inches. If you have a straight sided container and put it outside then rain will fall evenly across the entire surface area of the container. Basically anything with a hole at the top and none at the bottom will catch rain but you can maximise your odds by setting up catchment areas with things like old shower curtains running from shed roofs to funnel water to larger storage which can be anything from a bucket to a dustbin!

    If you have Wilkinsons down there and can spare the cash they have reasonably priced water butts. We got a 250 litre one last year for about £25. A lot of initial outlay I know but if you start figuring out that one off cost against each flush of the loo then I bet it doesn't take long to break even!


  3. if its brown flush it down. if its yellow let it mellow.

    we have a wee bucket in the outhouse/downstairs loo and it does go on the compost. although i am interested in what brocolli says about female wee.

    if you have a powershower put a limitor on it.

    use the ecomomy setting on your machine

    these are all things i try to do.


  4. Time for a few water tanks. We have had water restrictions on the Coast from time to time when the dam levels are really low and this means we can only water plants (not grass) at certain times of the day and on alternate days. Sunday no one was allowed to water. Washing cars was a not allowed at all. We had 3 buckets in the shower collecting spare water. We used the final rinse water from the washing machine to use on the garden (although the Council had rules about that because it was classed as “grey” water and where you could recycle) I would even use the water we boiled eggs in. I became obsessed with saving water. Not a drop was wasted. We were given timers for showers and then cash rebates for water tanks installed. I'm happy to report at present the dams are full and so no water restrictions apply and I'm also happy to report both of our water tanks are full♥ Never did the peeing in a bucket though:)


  5. My husband has peed on our compost heap for 17 yeas now and it works to expedite the breakdown of the material. As for your lavatories always remember the saying If it's yellow, let it mellow, If it's brown, flush it down. Also make sure to put a couple of house bricks in each of your lavatory flush tanks.


  6. Hi queenie i,ts cottonreel, Water is my great concern , I save to put on my plants, I,m on a meter,I,m careful to the point of misery and having lived in Cyprus where we only had water 3 times a week I know how to save . When living in Cyprus it was difficult to look favourably on tourist but they bought money in . Swings and rounderbouts !!


  7. I hate South West Water too! You're right, it's extortiate! Like the council tax too, and the gas ha ha! sorry, having a grumble, just wish they'd get their bloody recycling system sorted as well, it's like going back 10 years in Cornwall! Karen xx


  8. Are you on your local freecycle? you may be able to get a water butt for nothing! – My Brother lives next door and had an underground streem constantly flooding his cellar – so now it pumps into a street level water butt and we all use it to water the plants, wash the front of the street etc – I can't beleive what your unmetered water cost you! our water rates are under £200 per year in the ribble valley!

    Do you remember Bob Flowerdew of Gardeners world? he grew his own apples, made cider from them, pee'd it back into buchets, and put it on the compost heap, the circle of life!!!



  9. That's terrible! I looked at my bill for last year and it was £246. Mind we have no drainage going off our property, and we have no sewer but to our own septic tank, in fact we have very little of anything here in my Shropshire hamlet but bats, sodding fish eating herons and foxes who enjoy digging peas up.
    Win some lose some I suppose :O)


  10. Ouch on the water/sewage bill! To save water here I wash dishes by hand and reuse that water to flush the commode (loo). I also save bath water as well as the water we wash our hands with for the same thing! By avoiding flushing as much (brown down/yellow mello) it makes the repurposed water last longer–I even reuse the bath water again to bathe the dogs and wash off any large thing that needs washed (rinsing well in clean water of course).

    Good luck on reducing that water bill!


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