Non paying lodger is about as good as no lodger at all!

I’ve just signed up with a couple of rent a room websites. There are people looking for somewhere short term to rent in my area and I may get some one who wants my spare room. I discovered the tax loophole, which allows the income from renting a room to be untaxed!!

I’ve got a lodger at the moment but his rent has built up and I’ve not been paid. I’ve been direct….texted, emailed and asked and I know he’s short of money but aren’t we all? So if he doesn’t pay me this pay day then I’m going to ask him to leave as I’m sure I can rent the room out. He is the ideal lodger as he complains when the heating is ON! and all he wants from us is the wireless broadband! So in many ways he’s perfect and he’ll let the dogs out but he’s no use if he doesn’t pay his rent. (He only stays for 3 nights in the week and pays – or doesn’t! £10 a night and now owes £300!) Bless him, he even had the nerve to go on holiday in the school break when he owed me money! Anyway, I’m either going to be better off or better educated by pay day!!! In future, I want the rent in advance!!!

Here’s the quote from the HM website! so it’s official! “Under the Government’s Rent a Room scheme, you can rent out one or several rooms in your home, to one or more tenants. The rooms must be furnished, but you cannot modify your home to make the rented area self-contained with its own front door.

Rent a Room allows you to receive up to £4,250 a year tax-free. If you get more than that, you must nominate to pay tax on either the overall profit after utility bills and wearand-tear costs are taken into account, or on the rental income above £4,250.”


13 thoughts on “Non paying lodger is about as good as no lodger at all!

  1. I think a lodger that doesn't pay rent is called 'one of your children' 🙂 He's out of order not paying you though, especially buggering off on holiday when he's in arrears with you.

    Loving the german word btw 😉


  2. Hard-faced they call that sort of behaviour where I come from! Tell him you've got somone else for the room an get rid. If he's started off by not paying it will be a constant battle from here on in. Personally I believe he's seeing how long he can get away with for free before you sling him out. He's doing well so far and is obviously not the type who'll be embarrassed into paying up after you chuck him out despite him working with you.


  3. Oh and I think the name for him is “squatter” not lodger as lodger implies some form of rent payment. As you are completely open about your staightened financial circumstances I think the man's and absolute heel to take advantage. Going on holiday is just rubbing salt in the wound!


  4. Utter arshole behaviour, if you ask me! Totally out of order. He`s only asked to pay £10 and is not even forthcoming with that. Sling his belongings out. Ask him to resign the door keys to you. Don`t put up with blatened disregard. He`s taking the piss! Even grown up kids pay rent at home, nowadays. Show this ars the door!!


  5. In the future, maybe you could make your lodgers sign a rental agreement before they move in. This would at least make it legally binding that you can get you money eventually, even if you had to take the buggers to court over it.


  6. ouch Kath – of course she will get a good lodger…. better than this one. I think you are perfectly within your rights to threaten small claims court quite frankly. verbal agreement is verbal agreement is a contract. if you don't want the hassle, get him to sling his hook and get a fresh start and a better person. he is definately taking the piss.


  7. I totally agree with all of your oyther blog friends – this bloke is taking the proverbial! Stick his stuff in a black bag and the day he is exp[ected back at yours make sure they are in the hallway when he gets there…. Then give him the ultimatum – Pay up the £300 plus a month in advance or take his bags and go and you have someone lined up to take the room! That should kick him into touch… Holiday… HOLIDAY!!! Can you tell I'm cross about this for you! x


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