Watch the pennies….

……..and the pounds will watch themselves. I was just thinking of Ilona’s blog and how the little things add up to costs and you have to watch every penny. I even take food out of the freezer in the morning to save the cost of the microwave.

I’m getting tired of faggots, but I’m soldiering on as I have a freezer full, but tonight I choppped up the meat in its gravy and topped it with some mashed potato (also from a tub out of the freezer, when I cooked extra in the past). I never use my full sized oven unless I am batch cooking and I can fill it up. I often look up the cost of running an appliance and check how much it’s costing me. It can take one unit of electricity to cook your dinner and it will cost you considerably less to run one of these.

I also looked at the remnants of March’s salary and have just under £150 to last the month, so I’ve paid some extra off my credit cards £27.32 to Santander and £35.48 to Halifax. I got the PAD idea from “One life, three kids and counting” who has a fantastic blog, keeping on top of the bills and making sure she clears her debts, by taking any extra money she earns or makes and pays a debt. So today was a PAD day for me!

It’s been another long and tiring day with extra private tuition at the end of the day earning me some more money and helping another student get his grades. A good day in all.


10 thoughts on “Watch the pennies….

  1. yayyyy, welcome to the dark said, PAD'ing becomes addictive, and keeps you so focused on clearing debt, some days I only pay off pennies, but i love watching my debt come down.

    I am going to start using the same principle to over pay my mortgage soon.


  2. There are some great ideas here for saving money! Since we lost my job we are really having to pinch the pennies as you can imagine! Thanks for all that you share! xxoo


  3. I gave my microwave away some time ago and i do not miss it in the slightest. I get things out of the freezer ahead of time. Also, a good tip is to defrost in the fridge over a longer period of time. Apparently, it makes the fridge colder and thus, in theory at least, you need less electricity to rn the fridge.


  4. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm looking forward to reading all of your entries this one is fascinating? May I ask what a faggot is? I gather it is some sort of meat?

    I love the idea of PAD. I am working on eliminating my credit card debt as well!

    Have a nice night!


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