Pure joy!

I’ve truly found paradise. I opened my back door and there it was. I came home this evening to waggy tails and a garden full of evening sunshine. The fruit bushes are getting bushier. The courgettes and butternut squash have shown signs of life. The window sills are ranged with tomato seedlings looking lively and healthy.
The pot of herbs is beautifully green and capable of being cut and used whenever we want. I’ll make stuffing at some time with fresh sage and onions from my garden. I loved just sitting on the patio steps with a mug of tea and a dog at either side and surveying all I could see and thinking, I planted that, I grew that and I felt so amazingly peaceful, even after a busy day at work.
Best of all are the £1 Poundland windmills that wizz in the spring breeze and glint in the last of the evening sunshine. They make me smile and feel true pure joy at such a silly sight!


13 thoughts on “Pure joy!

  1. Everything looks like it's doing really well! there is nothing like growing your own food, other than eating it!
    you have inspired me yet again – I will go get strawberry plants today, and fill my weed infested strawberry planter.



  2. Nice to read someone else enjoying this great spell of good weather!

    We've been very lazy this year and not planted much at all – at least compared to last year – still, I'm sure we'll put something else in!



  3. Great article – the feeling of seeing your own little green leaves come through is amazing! It is my second year doing so and I am still learning alot… love your blog, so pretty and great varied articles! I like the idea of a PAD day. Have a great weekend all!


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