Washing clothes by hand.

For years on end we went on camping holidays in Carnac in Southern Brittany, where washing clothes by hand is still popular. How do I know this? Because every supermarket has plenty of soap for handwashing clothes, usually beautifully scented and in every variety. There really is no need to use a washing machine for all of your laundry and delicate underwear always needs to be hand washed. I use very little laundry soap or water when I hand wash and after I have rinsed them I just use my washing machine to spin them. Take a look at your own washing machine….I’m sure it will have a spin cycle. There is always a percentage of my washing that is hand washed, saving me lots of money and giving my arms a good work out!

My washing is always hung outside as I have no dryer and they come indoors onto a ‘clothes horse’ if I have days of rain and really need clean clothes.
But I do have the most incredible ironing machine! He’s called Dearly Beloved who loves to do nothing more than watch the Grand Prix or a film and iron; he always puts the clothes away too!


16 thoughts on “Washing clothes by hand.

  1. I wish I could learn to get any enjoyment from laundry – none of my underwear is what you would call delicate – and is mostly 'grey'…
    and I do not posess an Iron.
    But I am line drying more and more, and using the radiators in winter, though I suspect that isn't very ecenomical.



  2. I'm afraid I only hand wash if I absolutely have to, but I am enjoying the washing line more and more with the coming of the sunshine, it makes a change from the bedrooms looking like a chinese laundry with all of the clothes horses !


  3. just discovered that the new pants I bought should have been handwashed! they are now a fraying ball of elastine or some such. I do hate handwashing though. we have to do jumpers and they are a menace to do I find. I dont iron either. mind you nor does my Hub!!


  4. I must be peculiar. I don't mind any housework, compared to my stressful day job, i find it quite soothing. I try to do most of the housework with out electricity, so I sweep instead of hoovering etc


  5. Hi Fran – go to L'igloo – ice cream shop – sells about 300 flavours! there's a family run restaurant opposite Men du beach called Le grande large….best moule in france! Auray and Vanne are nearby and you can get the bus 'un alle retour' the megalithic stones are every where! go see them, forest walks near the stones “L'alignment” hire or ride a bike, everywhere is flat! we aim to go for summer half term next year?!


  6. I admire your dedication FQ:) I very rarely handwash or iron. Dare I admit that I love my dryer and on average I use it 2/3 times per week. hence why I have very little ironing. Where I can drip dry inside I do.


    • Me too. I don’t have economic reasons for eschewing the tumble drier. I will always hang clothes out when I can – I love it – but use the drier through the winter & to finish clothes off, which reduces ironing time & effort.


  7. After we moved to France and started renovating we had no washing machine for a long time – I have to say i got VERY fed up of hand washing thick winter clothes covered in cement and sawdust.

    I found my current washing machine at the tip – and thanks to my other half's nifty abilities with a screw driver he got the water pump fixed up so we had a washing machine for free.

    Well done you for your continuing dedication to your cause.


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