Keeping up appearances?

Today was the day to shed the winter layers and actually put a frock on! I went to Plymouth again today to see my daughter, to catch up for a chat and a cuppa and it was, as ever, a delight to see her.

Dearly beloved and I had paid for the car park ticket so we took the opportunity to browse around the shops as I needed some lighter clothes for work. I can get away with a reasonably smart dress on a average day when I don’t meet any parents as our classroom have huge southfacing windows and even with the blinds closed; can be incredibly hot and will often be in the mid thirties as the days get even warmer.

I perused the shops and looked at the monochrome prints that are dressed up with vivid greens and pinks and looked at how I could do that on my budget. The dress above is from Monsoon and £45, which is way out of my league but I like the style and looked for something in that shape. I found a couple of high waisted dresses in the hospice shop and I have some chunky pink and some chunky green necklaces, I also have dark dress shoes and tights to wear with them if it’s cooler…………..oh and the price £2.99 each! So there’s the summer work wardrobe all sorted! I also remembered to get the bean poles in so they will have something to climb!
Oh………..I think it’s important to keep up appearances! Who knows what the beans might think of me if I wore any old dress!


9 thoughts on “Keeping up appearances?

  1. love the dress, i am looking fora summer wardrobe too, found some good buys in our charity shop and they had a half price sale too lol, even my 14 year old found some tops that are the latest fashion too, they are on the line drying as i type


  2. What a beautiful dress! A ggood bargain – great find!

    LOL at you dressing up for the beans – if mine don't grow so well then I will blame it on my wearing my scruffy old jeans all the time!


  3. Bargain! they look fab!

    I can rarely get anything to fit in charity shops, being somewhat on the large side, and large ladies tend to hold on to their clothes! but mummy hand me downs do me fine!

    As my Irish Aunt would say “I wish you joy to wear them!”



  4. You look very nice in the dress. I can't believe the wonderful finds you can get in your charity shops. Here our prices are rather high and things are picked over within hours. If I can get there often I might get a deal but not generally on any clothes that fit me.


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