Frugal Tarte tatin

Take one kilo of apples that were 40p (half price!) Cut in half and remove cores and then peel.
Take 75g of butter 7p (I didn’t have any, just generic utterly butterly! ) and the cheap sugar. 12p. At this stage preheat the oven to 190 degrees.
Then make pastry – you should really use puff pastry, but I can’t be bothered so I made the usual shortcrust, as I would for any apple pie. 120g/60z of plain flour and 60g/3oz- of butterish stuff. Make pastry in the usual way. Roll out and cool, on a plate in the fridge, it stops it shrinking when you bake it. Cost around 8p.
Add the butter and sugar to a pan and allow to melt. Add the apples, round side down into the pan. Cook for ages, until the sauce caramelises. It’s like having apples in a toffee sauce. Carefully cook without burning and then place them in a pie tin, or casserole dish or anything you have…..I used a cake tin. Make sure the remaining sauce is poured over the apples. Place the pastry on top ensuring there are no gaps. Bake for around 30 minutes.
Here is the end result. The cost is approximately 70p and would serve 4, even better if I had some cream, but we’ll have ours later with some custard (7p instant packet from Morrisons and makes enough for 4 and has a delicious vanillary taste, almost like confectioners creme pattiserie). I checked out the prices at Waitrose or Marks and Spencers and these sell for around £5 each!!!! It had the most delcious buttery, yet apply toffeeness about it and the crispiness of the pastry was just wonderful. I’ve never made one before and the only place I’ve ever eaten one is in Brittany. Lunch today was the most frugal and simple pasta with pesto and some green salad with homemade vinaigrette.


10 thoughts on “Frugal Tarte tatin

  1. That tart made my mouth water! Shall have a go at one myself, tomorrow; as I have all the ingredients already at home. I might serve mine with vanilla ice cream.


  2. Granny Smith apples are available in England?! OMG I'm so happy right now, I could cry! I guess for some reason I had thought Granny Smiths weren't available elsewhere, which goes to show my American ignorance. Hahaha. I'll be moving to Bristol, England in a few months and it's just nice to know that some of my absolute favorite things will be there. That includes Granny Smith apples. ^_^

    Oh, my boyfriend's grandfather lives in Cornwall and I'm really looking forward to visiting. It's such a beautiful place! 🙂


  3. I make a lot of these in the summer. Pears are good, plums are better and peaches or figs are superb. I also make savoury tartes with tomatoes or halves of red onion using olive oil with a splash of balsamic in place of the sugar/butter. Try them, I'm sure you'll love them.


  4. The last time I made Tarte Tatin was for my now husband back when we were dating – I rushed into the living room with it to show him, and it slid out of the pan landing pear side down on the carpet…:~(



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