Mr Bean, Lemon chicken and pickles.

I had to go to Plymouth today to take the dogs to the groomers for their annual clip. I stopped off at Mutley Plain, which has seven charity shops. I didn’t find anything, but I had a good nose. Some of them now sell furniture too and I saw a lovely coffee table for £12 but was already sold. Whilst walking along, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of Goodbody’s which is a jazz bar. I love the minis on the roof and always think that if Mr Bean saw it and would think that’s where he’s supposed to park his mini……well the decor cheers me every time I see it.
Supper was again courtesy of Lidl. Every week something is reduced. Sometimes ‘selected fruit and veg’ are half price. When I last shopped ‘selected fresh meat’ was half price. So four chicken breasts were £1.98 instead of £3.99. I always split the pack as we only need one chicken breast each per meal. The English purple sprouting broccoli was 79p per pack, the rice was three packs for £1. I also bought 6 unwaxed lemons for 49p.
Dinner was lemon chicken which is the easiest thing to make.
1. Cut up the chicken breasts into strips. Grate the zest of a lemon.
2. Heat some butter (I use generic utterly butterly – 50p for 500g) and fry the chicken in the butter, when almost cooked add the lemon zest.
3.When cooked through, squeeze the lemon and combine with the chicken and butteryness!
4.Serve with cooked tomatoes, veggies of choice on a big spoonful of rice!
Price per person rice 16p, chicken 50p, lemon 4p, broccoli 40p, tomatoes 10p – total £1.20…………although that’s more than usual; I didn’t get any lunch today…so I can afford the 20p!
I met Dearly Beloved in his lunch break as I was mooching around Plymouth, killing time before collecting the dogs. I went to Poundland. I bought two black currant bushes and some preserving jars (I usually just use old jam jars over and over and over!) but these two preserving jars were just one pound. The plan is to use the jars for jam or pickles/chutney for gifts. It’s amazing how people like homemade preserves when they only usually have shop bought.


4 thoughts on “Mr Bean, Lemon chicken and pickles.

  1. Jam is so easy to do and so worth it and the best thing is it can be free! Find those will brambles that no one pay attention to and go and pick them by the stone in september. Gooseberry? Anyone remember those, we used to have loads of wild ones near us. Mums homemade Goosegob pie, mmmm.

    When the bushes have established next year when you prune them stick the prunings in soil or compost, they will take really easily and give you more bushes free!

    Some of the fruit bushes can live in excess of 50 years if kept well. That's half a century of free Jam!

    Plus take one ordinary jam jar and cut a small disc of grease proof paper that just fits inside and a circle of material that is a bit bigger than the lid and you have a perfect present for on the fly!

    I like jam.


  2. Hi,
    I'm from Texas, and came across your blog from Money Saving Mom. I have enjoyed reading of your story and also seeing your pictures. We are also trying to dig out of debt so I find reading frugal blogs to be inspiring.
    I've always wanted to visit your country….
    Many Blessings!
    Michelle H.


  3. Last year I got some elderflowers and popped them in the freezer in June. Then when our gooseberry bush was ready for picking, I made gooseberry and elderflower jam. That really is a wonderful marriage of flavours and being unusual, went down really well as Christmas presents. I just tied the elderflowers up in a remnant of net curtain I'd been given and put it in the pan with the gooseberries and fished it out again when the jam was ready to pot. The flowers had gone a bit brown in the freezer but it doesn't matter as they are not staying in the jam – it is just the flavour I was after. I'll definitely be making that one again. Even my husband likes it and he won't eat gooseberry jam. You only need 2 or 3 big flower heads in 5 lbs of jam.


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