How much did that meal cost?

People have often asked me how I make sure I keep within a budget and know what I’m spending; well……I have Carol Vorderman to thank for that. I love Countdown and remember watching the very first one when Channel 4 started. I love the numbers…………”Three from the top and any of the others please Carol” and I would wait for Richard Whiteley’s command and I would scribble away on my notepad trying to find the permutation that would lead to the three digit number at the top of the screen. I still use my tables, long division and long multiplication instead of a calculator and pride myself in keeping a mental running total of my spending in the supermarket; I’m rarely more than a few pennies out.
I also have a good memory for pointless trivia, such as the amount I paid for 400g of vintage mature cheddar – £1.99 and will then in my head, just for the pointless fun of it, work out that if 100g is 50p then one 50g portion per person is 25p! Likewise with ham 400g is £1.79 and one 50g portion is 22p
Eggs were 99p for 6 so 16.5 each (I always round up….I can’t keep decimals or fractions in my head!)
The beans were easy!!! 23p a tin…..half a tin each……12p per portion! The oven chips were 50p for a kilo and we had 200g each – 10p per portion. So Cheese 25p (for cheesy chips) , Ham 22p, Egg 17p, Chips 10p and Beans 12p so supper cost 86p per person! I know it’s way too many calories, I didn’t finish it and my dogs had some of it in their bowls and I did not need the grated cheddar and my eyes are bigger than my belly but I din’t need a Nintendo DS Brain trainer to keep the neurons firing and my brain, unlike my body, enjoys the workout.


8 thoughts on “How much did that meal cost?

  1. So you're more than an English teacher! Numbers ARE fun. Prices around here are becoming trivia, though. They change so fast I have to keep a price book to stay up with them. The clerks in WalMart were changing grocery prices up and down the aisles yesterday. Hate to see what they'll look like next time we go back! No LOL. — Good post!



  2. You do all that in your head as you are doing the shopping? That's quite impressive, you know!

    I tend to go blank where maths is concerned – I hated the subject at school and carried that feeling into adulthood!


  3. I have added up as too in the past when shopping, but I cheated and walked around the supermarket with a calculator in my hand, will try doing it myself next time i go x


  4. Lol! I do the same thing until I see something I can't really aford, then I forget to add it up, and it accidentally falls into the trolley etc etc…

    and now I really fancy egg and chips.



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