Frugal Salmon Caesar Salad for £1.07 per person!

Start with the caesar salad dressing. Two tablespoons of mayonaise, one table spoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of dijon mustard and good sprinkle of salt and black pepper, stir together very well. Traditionally it would have finely chopped anchovies (but it’s too expensive and salty for me). Put to one side.
Cut a piece of bread per person, here’s some of my homemade bread from the bread machine, it costs pennies to make. (20p per loaf and I can get 10 slices). Cut into cubes and fry. Best fried in oil infused with garlic, which I tried to add, but the hot oil just burnt the garlic. Whilst the bread crumbs were cooling I popped two pieces of salmon under the grill (pack of 4 pieces £2.50 from Asda – I used a piece each so 62p per person).
Caesar salad calls for Romaine lettuce but half an iceberg will do just fine, which was shredded. I grated one tenth of the block of parmesan (£3.50 from Lidl and will last for weeks). Combine the lettuce, sauce, cheese and croutons and mix together.
Pile the salad, dressing and croutons onto the plate and serve with the salmon. Total cost per person: cheese 17p, bread 2p, salmon 62p, mayonaise 5p, lemon juice and mustard 3p, lettuce 18p = £1.07. It’s very filling and an hour later and I still feel stuffed.
I cooked something really nice tonight as Dearly Beloved has taken a long weekend and we’ve been home together today. He’s brilliant with a list and getting jobs done one at a time. We need a water butt close to our plants and he’s used some money from our ebay account (we never spend money unless we’ve sold something to balance the books) and he’s fitted the water butt today and trimmed all of the hedges. I’ve cleaned out the summer house, pruned the shrubs and shopped but otherwise had a very relaxing day. The salmon was a delicious end to a fantastic day.


7 thoughts on “Frugal Salmon Caesar Salad for £1.07 per person!

  1. Hi two vegan boys – I noticed jamie Oliver has made a new TV programme, which we can't watch in the UK yet called Food Revolution – and $20 for 12 adults is very frugal and good for you – i love butter beans


  2. yum yum. Word of advice – do not buy the Lidl bag of frozen salmon. I bought a bag and they were full and I mean FULL of bones. Ended up just eating my veg and tatties and leaving the fish 😦


  3. I tend do buy a job lot of frozen fish from Asda, along with frozen meat. I go there to buy kidney, liver etc as they have a proper butchers. Aldi sell four pieces of wild Alaskan salmon for 2.50 and that is really good. It's so filling that a small piece of salmon is all that we need.


  4. I find the wild Alaskan salmon gorgeous and very filling too! It is so much more meaty than farmed salmon, just such a shame it has had to travel so far. Sad that it's come to the point that there's almost no salmon on our shores to be caught in the wild these days. Overkill at it's worst.
    Fab recipe Queen, I just wish my boys would eat more fish, my fabby FAVOURITE! x


  5. I had no idea that was how cesar dressing was made – and I have all the ingredients! – I will be swapping the salmon for sprats – my little brother popped round last night with a tub full he had left over, they are all sat in the fridge staring at me at the moment….



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