Fishermen’s Friends

I was browsing Youtube and listening to “Fisherman’s Friends”. from Port Isaac on theNorth coast of Cornwall. I first heard them sing, years ago at the Plymouth Folk festival which was held in lesser known dusty pubs around the back streets of the Barbican and Stonehouse. We heard them sing on the quayside at the Barbican and I can’ t hear one note without smiling, inside and out.

I got to reminiscing I’m a Fowey girl and I can’t live beyond the scent of salt air and some of the most magical moments in my life have been accompanied by Cornish song. I spent many a happy hour in pubs such as the Ship Inn, Lugger, Safe Harbour and the King of Prussia. Oh, they are all artsy fartsygastro pubs’ now, but they were real pubs when I knew them, full of dockers, fishermen, boat builders, clay workers and local people. You can’t move in there now for Richard and Judy, Dawn French and other ‘celebs’ who now make the area their home!!! When I went to the pub (we all drank under age… almost seemed compulsory; condoned and our parents knew where we were!!!) we all sang. Usually with a pint of Tinners of HSD held aloft (sing along if you want to) and the singing was always led by men. My boy friends at the young age were all fishermen (scallopers) and farmers and I know many of them as friends to this day and they all sang. Enjoy the music.


9 thoughts on “Fishermen’s Friends

  1. I remember the old Sennen Cove Lifeboat Crew, about 26 years ago. They used to have an open invitation every Saturday night, for anyone to come and hear them sing in the boathouse. The acustics in there were fabulous, and I used to take my baby daughter there to listen to the sea shanties. The coxwain was a friend of mine then and I was a regular visitor to the boathouse. I`ve never forgotten the beautiful voices and the powerful songs.-
    Do you remember the old folk singer, Brenda Wooton? I used to listen to her sing on Radio Cornwall. Aah, those were the days! – I miss Cornwall and the cornish expression of doing things d`rec`ly! As soon as you enter Cornwall, time seems to slow right down. Everyone has time to chat, and I never encountered road rage there.


  2. Absolutely loved your links sigh…. I spent many wonderful holidays in Cornwall in the 70's♥♥ What a inspirational blog. I'm making notes on your saving tips and your delicious recipes. Thank you so much for sharing. Linda


  3. Sounds amazing but I have to admit on first seeing your post title – Fisherman Friends my first thoughts were those gawd awful cough sweets my dear old Dad used to suck when he had a bad cold. LOL


  4. Wonderfully evocative post – I live about 20 miles away from Fleetwood where the Fishermens Freind lozenge factory is – My Aunt always say's there is nothing like sucking on a freindly fisherman! ooh er missus!!!!



  5. I have some very fond memories of this area too.

    My parents took us to this part of Britain every year sometimes twice when times were good. we all have some great memories and my mother had her ashes scattered in Dartmouth as she just loved Devon and this area so much.

    I live in London and seeing that wonderful picture of the street scene down there really brought back some great memories.


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