Living on a prayer!

This is my second attempt as blogger collapsed on me earlier………perhaps people have a lot to say today? Here goes ……………….

“Take my hand and we’ll make it – I swear, Livin’ on a prayer”

As Bon Jovi say…………we’re half way there! I have paid off half of my debts and I’ve only been ‘at it’ for a year! I’m always looking for a better deal on the finance packages I have and today I refinanced the car and have reduced the percentage I pay by 5% and have taken out a deal where I will have paid for the car in a year. That mean that my outgoings have gone UP a few hundred for a couple of months! I’m really business like about what I owe, my budgets for food and what we need to make to buy clothing or things we need for the house or what we need to put buy for the car/boiler/pets or emergencies and we’ve had to fork out for all recently!

I’m ready to snowball! This means I will roll over the soon to be ended credit card payments into the car and homeloan payments! I’ve attached one of my many calculations that I use for loan projections so I can see where I’m going and focus on the destination even if the journey is manky and oh boy do I suffer from travel sickness! Like many a rough journey I’m having to hang on! Sailors on a rough sea are harnessed to their boats and there’s no bailing out into the lifeboat even if you are scared out of your skin, you just set the autopilot, trust the satnav and pray that God and the right wind will get you out of there! Well I’m strapped in and as I’m tossed and thrown around……………….I can see the destination of 2012!

In the mean time, squash and courgette seeds are in! The lawn is cut. Bag full of new bras came from ebay. Dearly beloved came home with a bottle of wine and I remembered why Bon Jovi is so significant…………….when he and I got together, he lived in a shared house and romantic interludes had to be covered up with loud music; album of choice? Bon Jovi……..Slippery when wet! So enjoy the music and have a laugh at my ridiculously tight budget. xx


6 thoughts on “Living on a prayer!

  1. Hi Doc Richard……….successive govs seem hell bent in keeping us in debt to fund 'growth' – what wrong with zero growth? stability? i don't want to get richer, just no poorer – all the same would be fine for me


  2. Even though the journey is hard you must have a wonderful sense of achievement to have halved your debts in only a year. πŸ™‚

    Your choice of music reminds me of the time many moons ago when I shared a flat, our upstairs neighbours were very noisy at bedtime and as we were all very young it was a nightly affair. In the end my flatmate and I set up our record player with a live album so that every time their nightly performance ended they were rewarded with a stadium audience's applause LOL They never could look us in the eye.


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