More uses for leftovers

I have a real fear of running out of food! There were times (many years before dearly beloved) as a single mum with a five year old son that the end of the week would come and I would save the last few pieces of bread to make my son breakfast and a sandwich and there would be nothing in the house until I got my child benefit on a Monday morning! I still fear running out of food and make sure I am always well stocked. In my freezer there are meals for two weeks! Veggie burgers, faggots, chicken pies, steak and kidney pie, chicken, salmon, and an assortment of frozen veg and I always have a sack of spuds.
Even with all that in the freezer, I still kept half the bread and butter pudding, wrapped in cling film for supper tonight; I shall just make some custard to go with it.

I always make sure I have ham, or tuna or something for our sandwiches for lunch, that we have a piece of fruit a day and plenty of veg to bulk out our meals with. My cupboards are well stocked with flour, pasta, homemade jam, homemade chutney and the cake tin always has some fruit cake for our snacks or lunches.

I shop judiciously and make sure I have a careful list from my menu plan for the week. We often eat the same things twice in a week if I have bulk cooked previously. I also save the spare meat from a roast chicken, bits of uncooked pastry and often have random ingredients that I concoct something from. I had pastry left from the steak and kidney pies, the foil dishes have been washed to use again and I had cooked chicken from a roast from a couple of weeks ago. I used mushroom soup as a sauce, mixed in cooked peas and carrots and chopped the chicken, made some pies, which will be our dinner tonight with one spare for dearly beloved to take to work tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “More uses for leftovers

  1. Frugal Queen – I found your description of your hard times when your son was young very moving. Thank you for sharing because it helps people like me appreciate how lucky I am, even though it is so easy to look at others better off than myself and be envious.


  2. I'm a tad like you as I can remember the days when I had 2 small children, a feckless drunk of a husband and a very limited budget on which to feed us all. The fear never quite leaves you does it even when your kids are grown and your life has moved on? VC


  3. Been there – I use to have to hide an egg and flour in a cupboard just in case I ran out of food and could always feed the kids with pancakes (had to hide them as ex-husband always thought he should be fed first!) Thats why I always have nearly a full freezer and pantry – gives me the heeby geebies if I get down to 1 tin of something!


  4. Once again you excelled yourself with fab foods created out of very little. Don`t worry, you will never go hungry. You are far too talented with left-overs, to ever starve. Your hubby must be very proud to have such fab meals created with very little outlay.


  5. I happen to totally LOVE bread and butter pudding – my wife always goes on about 'Granny cakes and puddings' like apple turnovers, and other olde stuff – I can't help it – those Bread and butter puddings made me drool a little!



  6. I am thankful that I have never been in the position of running completely out of food, although sometimes we do have odd connoctions when it is getting to the end of the week, I love bread and butter pudding and your pies look and sound very tasty x


  7. I too have been a single parent with little in the cupboards! Scary times – Bag of spuds has always been my saviour – at least I had a frugal upbringing – lots of Granny advice, they lived through the War – it always amazed me how they made things streach!
    But the lean tinmes are always in the back of my mind. i have what I call my Saddam cupboard (when the boys were growing up he was the threat – war with Saddam) – its always stockede with rations.

    Vicky x


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