Getting creative with leftovers

Today is a day of being creative with what was lying around the house. I managed to get my seeds in today, about a month late!!! but the tomatoes are now planted. They were 29p a pack from Lidl and the seed trays came from the scrap store and some mushroom containers. I also managed to put in some lupins, sweet peas and parsley. They are now ranged on window sills around the house.

I had a few odd ingredients lurking around the cupboards and freezeer, half a pepper, half a tin of chopped tomatoes, half a salami in the fridge and some french bread sticks in the freezer that were picked up for pennies just as Co-op was closing. This is my version of bruchetta, a tomato sauce base, topped with red peppers, salami and some grated cheese. Put into the over for 15 minutes. I made three as I had three bread sticks in one pack but one was more than I could manage and the other will be wrapped in foil for dearly beloved to take to work tomorrow.
I also had a big bag of left over bread slices in the freezer, so they were defrosted and made into bread and butter pudding.


6 thoughts on “Getting creative with leftovers

  1. Thank you so much for deciding to be a follower. I was SO excited. I now have 3 – all today. I promise to post regularly to keeo it up to date.

    I was thinking of making a b and b oud. could you post your frugal recipe?



  2. old bread, buttered – place in casserole dish
    sprinkle with mixed fruit
    take a pint of milk and mix with 2 beaten eggs a couple of spoons of sugar and dash of vanilla extract
    pour over the bread and fruit
    sprinkle with some more sugar and cinnamon
    bake for half an hour


  3. Frugal Queen,
    Bread and buttter pudding is frugal food, but also homely and comforting.

    I also love the 'quotations' in your sidebar. A wonderful reminder and so humbling too. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Hi getting stuff done – I spend under £40 every week, that includes any toiletries, animal food, cleaning products actual food is around £25 for the two of us – I must do a blog on budgetting – this week I only spend £10 on food as I have so much in the house, so I spent £10 on knickers and have put £20 of diesel in the car for a trip to rellies in Bristol


  5. You seam to be doing a far better job of frugality than me! We do similar with the sead trays – although collecting or 'saving' things to do these jobs can get a little out of hand, you canot get anything into our kitchen cupboards for ice cream tubs my hubby has savd for making his own lactose free ice cream with!



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