Earning extra money.

It’s Easter holiday and I’ll be working through it! I have four private students to tutor this term and I had seven last term, which was really twice as many as I could cope with. This is a new venture for me and brings in valuable extra income. Due to the economical down turn dearly beloved’s industry (housing benefit!!) is booming and he’s having to work an extra day a week to keep up with demand so we’re both ‘working two jobs’ as our own scales of economy demand.
In the summer term I will become the proud owner of 500 GCSE exam scripts which I will mark (sigh in disbelief and even groan at too) over 20 days!!! I almost go blind marking 25 full scripts a day and I spend about three hours a night marking those scripts! It’s a killer as most examiners are retired and haven’t usually worked a normal week at school. So many people are having to step outside the parameters of their usual working hours to take on more just to keep up with life and I know this short term pain will have a long term gain as we march, head down into life’s prevailing gusts of bills, debt repayments and the rising cost of living. I do count my blessings too as I not only have a job but the means to diversify in other ways. Roll on debt freedom and a day off!


11 thoughts on “Earning extra money.

  1. i have been thinking for a while on takign on a few students a week for private tuition, and exam markign int he summer, must look into it before i go back to work.
    how did you get started, did you advertise yourself, word of mouth, or go through and agency?


  2. I wish I had the opportunity to earn extra cash with my job, neither does beloved. I did give a presentation recently which was out of my normal working hours and earnt a little there and have offered my services for the future, but its not regular.


  3. Priate tutors were a life saver for my two boys – just that bit extra one to one to get them through their exams, and good grades. It was a pinch to find the extra money to fund it – no offer from the school, but worth every penny. You teachers do a wonderful job under sometimes difficult conditions. Keep up the good work – it would be nice to think that one day we ( the government/people in general ) will truely value the work you do.

    Vicky x


  4. Here's to you getting ever closer to getting that debt paid off hon. You really are an inspiration.
    My eldest is taking her standard grades soon (Scottish version of GSCE's) so hats off to you and those like you who spend all that time marking all those papers. I did some exam invigilating one year that's always another way to earn a bit of extra cash if anyone here (not teachers obviously) is looking for ideas 😉


  5. My husband also marks GCSEs on top of a full time teaching job so I know exactly what you mean! Just keep your eye on the summer hol as well as the pay rolling in. 🙂


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