Homemade steak and kidney pies

I bought half a kilo of beef shin which is the cheapest beef you can get and also the same amount in weight of lamb’s kidneys. I decored the kidneys and rolled them in flour with plenty of salt and pepper and then cut the beef into large cubes and also rolled them in flour with salt and pepper. I browned the beef and kidneys and placed them into the slow cooker. I also fried two large onions and six large mushrooms that I had quartered. (Costs Beef £2.50, Kidneys £1.50, mushrooms 50p, onions 15p, lard/marg 40p, flour 3p, tomato puree 25p, stock cube 4p – total £5.37)

I combined the beef, kidneys, onions, mushrooms, small tin of tomato puree, one stock cube and a pint of water in the slow cooker and left it for almost 12 hours.
The next morning I made pastry and reused some pie dishes that I have used many times before and made 5 individual pies and one large one which will serve us for two meals.
I glazed them with egg and baked them in a hot oven for 30 minutes, peeled some carrots and cooked some frozen peas. So nine portions of pie which means I made pies that are full of real meat and no additives for 59p each and they were totally delicious and I know I have another five pies in the freezer for another day.


6 thoughts on “Homemade steak and kidney pies

  1. the slow cooker. am tempted (was tempted by one at car boot yesterday for £3) but am so at a loss as to how to use it, and if it is better on energy etc. Am guessing it is if you use it. would love to know what you think about them. worth getting? We do like a stew in this house.


  2. I like the fact that a kilo of kidneys cost less than £2! The same for liver – I often make pate for parties to take as my contribution and those are mainly liver and cheap cuts made into something totally delicious – I think if we're to eat meat, we should eat everything but the oink – and what do you think they bulk out processed food with?


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