Happy Frugal Easter

Public holidays are for days out, for meals in restaurants, for visiting friends with gifts and letting your hair down………if you can afford it. Many people feel obliged to give gifts and spend money they haven’t got because it’s special occasion and that’s how people so often top up debts they’ve previously paid off and that is what we used to do in the past. We got an invite today and I knew it would take half a tank of diesel I coudn’t afford to replace to get there, so we’ve stayed home.
Even Sunday lunch has to be put aside when money is tight. We had toad in the hole today, from chipolatas and some green beans’ as ever, well under £1 per person. I would love to have gone out today but I need the fuel to get to the private tutoring appointments I have to keep over the next few weeks and real friends will wait until I can afford to get there. However, the frugal sunday lunch was delicious and yes………..I will get the bicarb out later and clean the cooker! Though I must say, if I had the option of a credit card to buy fuel? I might have cracked today.


5 thoughts on “Happy Frugal Easter

  1. I do love toad in the hole and we regularly have it as a sunday dinner – who needs a roast when you can have something equally tasty and far cheaper – I'm with you on this one x


  2. I agree…we have stayed in all weekend and have done some crafting with the kids and sorted out our camper! Your toad in the hole looks gorgeous! xxx


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