Working like a machine.

I will get a recipe and have to frugalise it because some recipes are just too expensive, such as AWT’s recipe for faggots, which I have simplified and made cheaply and simply. Here is my recipe and costing for 28 very filling and tasty faggots. 4 packs of Asda cheapest sage and onion stuffing – 76p, 2 packs of pork mince £3.90, 500 pig liver 83p, 1 pack of bacon offcuts £1.09, 1 pack of Asda cheapest instant gravy mix 46p, 1 pack of smartprice onions 29p – total £6.50 and 28 faggots work out at 23p each, 2 per person per serving 46p + mashed potatoes and cabbage approx 75p per portion.
Here’s how to make them. You will need a very large mixing bowl and start by making the stuffing mix and leaving to cool. Put the bacon and liver into the food processor and blitz carefully for a few seconds as you want little chunks and not mush. Add the minced pork, liver and bacon to the stuffing mix and mix together with your hands until very well blended. Form into balls and roast in a hot oven for about half an hour. Whilst these are cooking, make the onion gravy. Chop and fry a whole pack of onions – I used about half a kilo. Boil the kettle. Add the instant gravy mix to the pan, stir well with the onions. Add boiling water and blend over the heat, you will need a thick gelatinous gravy for the faggots. Pour the gravy over the cooked faggots.
Cover with foil so there are no gaps, cook in a low over for an hour.
Best served with greens and mash or mush peas. I then put four faggots and a portion of gravy into six freezer bags and I have six meals for the future stored away, although we’ll eat them over the next few weeks. It’s a great way of saving time in the future as I can take them out in the morning, and just place them in a bowl and microwave them for our supper when I’m short of time.


8 thoughts on “Working like a machine.

  1. That receipe sounds reasonably easy, beloved loves faggots, he is the only one in the dub house, but will give it a go, maybe halve the receipe as even he wont want 28 Happy Easter x


  2. Fantastically cheap and taste meals have to be a winner with anyone. Good on you! I would put your recipes down on paper, as I`m sure that people would buy a small selection booklet from you. This is so relevent to our times, it`s well worth putting it in writing!
    Well done, and keep at it. Your a fabulous frugal cook!!!


  3. wow just made these and the kids have given them 10/10 and even better than the shop bought ones from a certain company ~ thanks very happy children and lots more in the freezer for another day


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