Women will so get this!!!!

Today……………I’m having a fat day. When I was younger, I had fat days and thin days. Now I have fat days, OK days and sexy days………today is a fat day.

The problem with frugality and in my case, remember, it’s not optional and I have no credit facilities and every penny is counted for, is that I have very few items of clothing that fit me properly. I feel OK in my black (New Look – £30 for the lot!) work suit; it’s just everything else that I have a problem with. You see, I am a size 15!!!! Size 16 is too big and size 14 is too small. So clothes either fit me too well or flap around me and I feel ‘un-fitted’.

Shopping is in order and I need a day wandering around the shops and trying things on and finding a style that fits me. I need Gok Wan, Trinny and Suzanna, and some people who know about clothes to come with me and I need them to bring their money as I haven’t got any at all. Clothing for me and so many women and I’ll count any women on a fixed income: stay at home mums, retired women, women on benefits, women of meagre means, is that we can, on a splurge, afford maybe Primark or New Look or charity shops or jumble sales and we are, I’m afraid, the beggars who can’t be choosers! I know there are rails of quality clothes that will suit a curvy woman of 45 in Dingles and other quality retailers such as Monsoon or Wallis and I know I can’t afford so much as to place a leg in a trouser leg, even to speculate.

And as for bras! Don’t get me started! Knockers like mine require at least £35 of support just to stop them looking like spaniel’s ears! and the one bra that fits me, gets washed, dried in a towel and hung up to dry and believe me ladies I treasure it………like Bridget Jones did in the Thai prison. So not only am I having a fat day,where nothing fits me, I need new clothes, have no money to buy any until 2012! and my bra hasn’t dried yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9 thoughts on “Women will so get this!!!!

  1. OMG You make me laugh because I am exactly like you and even find spending £8 quid on a trio in matalan is a hardship, and the problem with me is I have fat days and fat days – the sexy or ok days slipped by me !
    How do the birds on TV manage to spend to much on clothes and still have enough to eat and pay bills? LOL


  2. Jane

    Aww. Well here is my two penneth worth, for what it's worth! You look lovely to me! Women on the whole, have such a bad body images of themselves! Mostly this is brought about by the obsession the media has, with what they define as a very limited definitions of what they consider the ideal size and shape is for a female. This if body fascism, no wonder so many women, especially young women have eating disorders. It annoys me to see images of super thin women, they are just so ill!. There was a photo of Cheryl Cole on the cover of the Radio Times a few months ago, she looked so thin and well, to me, ill, yet there she was, glorified as an example of womanhood! I just cannot understand how the media can carry on with there ridiculous charade, carrying images which make 'real,' healthy females feel inadequate.
    I read an article in the Independent too, a while ago, saying that magazines like Vogue should be ashamed of themselves for promoting ill health in females.
    You are a size 15, that is healthy and wonderful for a female .

    As for your bra problems, lol, my partner, read this piece too, she sympathises totally, she has exactly the same problems with bras – little money and unable to find decent ones.

    I never worry about clothes (well I'm a man). my mother keeps buying me things which I never wear. I don't need to dress up to do the vegetable patch anyway.

    Chin up John xx


  3. I think you look perfectly fine, and not fat at all. But you are right, the shops are full of trendy clothes for teenagers or frumpy stuff for very mature ladies. There is nothing modern for the middle years woman, at a reasonable price.

    You could say to hell with fashion and wear whatever you like. I look nothing like a conventional sixty year old woman. I dont wear a bra either, so can't help you there.


  4. ebay ebay eaby, thats what i do now when ooking for quality but affordable clothes, i know oh too wel the bra hardship, I have bras ranging from 36D to 34 HH, all good quality, infact i just sold some on ebay to fund a much needed new purchase lol.


  5. Firstly – You are not fat. You have a lovely figure and I have envy! That is true, by the way.

    Secondly – As a curvey girl myself, I have nothing but sympathy for you with regards to the bra issue! Having 5 kids has not done me any favours in 'The Spaniel Ears League'!

    Thirdly – All that John above says :o)

    Fourthly – I've not bought any new clothes since September, and won't be buying any this year as we don't have any money spare, so I know how you must feel. As I'm not working it doesn't matter what I look like, but obviously it is different when you work.

    Don't have 'fat days', you are not fat and allowing negative feelings to get to you isn't good. x


  6. You have a great looking figure! Don`t get upset by the need for clothes. I get all my clothes(appart from underwear and socks) from the charity shops, and just keep 2-3 truely smart outfits for better occassions. Occassionally, I also find myself in the same position as you. I tend to go for the slighly bigger sizes and just alter the clothes at home on my sewing machine, if needed. When it comes to bras, I guess I`m lucky. My boobs don`t seem to suffer from gravity and I do get away at home, and on days off work with `flopping it', not wearing any; that`s what my partner calls it, jokingly. But, I do understand your predicament. Sometimes you just want to feel truely womanly, even at home. Believe me, there could be much worse things than `fat days'. Cheer up, girl. It will pass.


  7. Oh my gosh I know exactly how you feel. I am one of those people who will squeeze herself into a size 14 no matter how much oversip I have because I WILL NOT admit to being a size 16. As for bras! Well I am a 32 FF most of the time. I can now buy this size in more shops than a few years ago but its still a struggle and like you say, very expensive.


  8. Just as a final addition – found someone selling a job lot of bras (ebay)in my size and from the company I buy them from 'fantasie' and I am bidding, using money in the paypal account from selling things, so recycled money – BTW – today is definitely a 'sexy' day and today I look great!


  9. Chuckle, it's not just women who will get this.

    Any man who lives with a woman with the same problems will be recognising it all.

    M'Lady has a very 'unaverage figure' meaning her support costs a bomb. Fortunately we are in a better place financially at the moment but environmentally we still think about such things. She is determined at some point to sew a bra of her own by reclaiming the underwiring from one that is no longer suitable for purpose as it were.

    You don't need Gok Wan though you just need the confidence to put something on and think “Yeah I Rock in the slippers and striped tights look”. The thing that always makes anyone look good in clothing is how they wear them not what they wear.

    I will confess though at the moment it is far easier to be a man than a woman although with the rise of the Metrosexual it probably won't be long before all these other products are targeting us as well. But the awfulness of the fashion industry and media is not a rant I rant I should start on someone else's blog!


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