Kitchen confidential

I’ll let you into some of my low cost secrets and show you how I cheat. I started by using up half a pack of frozen smoked white fish (£1.25 Aldi) with a cup full of frozen peas (8p) and a knob of utterly butterly. Don’t add any water as frozen fish has a ‘protective glaze’. Put into a bowl, cover with another bowl and microwave for 5 minutes.
Whilst cooking the fish, make the cheese sauce. Grate 4 oz of ‘full flavour cheddar’ (24p Lidl) and add a heaped tablespoon of cornflour, a good pinch of salt and pepper and blend together with 3/4 of a pint of milk. Take the fish out of the microwave and leave to one side. Microwave the cheese sauce for about five minutes, taking it out every minute and stirring it. If it doesn’t thicken then keep putting it back in the microwave until it does.
Assemble in a casserole dish and gently stir together, balance the mashed potato on top and cook in the mini oven for 30 minutes on a high heat. Quick and cheap – we’ll have ours another day so it’s gone in the fridge. We always make a fish pie last for two meals ans surely anyone can suffer two days of the same supper – it won’t kill me! The total cost of the pie was about £2 and it will feed both of us twice so a very very frugal 50p a portion before adding some carrots and brocoli which will again bring each meal to much less than £1!
NEXT – Today’s Frugal Lunch

I always make my own salad dressing and keep an old mustard jar for this. The main ingredient is oil and I usually use olive oil but I’ve run out so I’ll have to make do with vegetable oil
It doesn’t have the lovely colour that dressing with olive oil has but it was piquant and spiced up a very boring salad of wilting iceberg, softened cherry tomatoes and red onion.
The risotto is a packet mix from Aldi and cost about £1 so lunch, as with all our meals came in under a pound too. The risotto was totally delicious, really filling and if you have an Aldi near you I suggest you try some of this. It’s a dry mix, just add water and butter and simmer for a while – I shall get this again as it’s a meal in itself.


5 thoughts on “Kitchen confidential

  1. All looks lovely. I don't think I've every actually tried a risotto, might have to steal your idea there. 🙂

    I've just scoured my cupboards and managed to make a crumble with some left over oats, some manky apples and a tin of peaches. Thinking it might be worthy of a blog post later on, am going to test it out on the family later, poor people. 🙂


  2. the fish pie sounds delicious and cheap too! we sometimes have kegeree, packet chicken flavoured rice, mushrooms, onions, a few green beans and two hard boiled eggs, never worked out the cost per person though.
    Josie x


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