Here’s one for the vegans!

These are real favourites of ours, low in fat, really nutritious and 52p each and two each, with some salad are perfect for supper. I baked two sweet potatoes and one butternut squash. I bought them a couple of weeks ago and as they were languishing in the bottom drawer of the fridge; I thought I would put them to good use. After cooking them, I scooped the now soft flesh into a bowl with some chopped red onion that I had cooked in a little oil.

I then added: three grated carrots, a few spoons of left over hummus, a tin of kidney bean and some chilli flakes and some cooked rice.
After stirring that lot altogether, I lined a drawer from my freezer with grease proof paper and formed the mixture into burger shapes. As there is no egg in this mixture, it can fall apart when cooked. However, if you cook them from frozen then the exterior is crispy and keeps it shape whilst the centre just cooks through and is hot. Once frozen, I store the veggie burgers in freezer bags, obviously in the freezer, until we want them. It’s a good way of using up old veg before it goes off and trust me; these bright orange centred veggie burgers are a treat.


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