I hereby solemny swear!

I am not going to be a fool this April! I now owe £528 to Halifax, which I am still paying back at nearly 22%!!!! Yep, all that time ago, I drew money from my credit card!!! I know I am a total numpty and I am going to put it right! So! Here goes! I am going to pay that all off this month and to do that I can’t spend a penny over my budget and that is going to be tight! £50 for train fares for the 19th to 30th of this month when I go back after the Easter break. £120 for food for the rest of the month………..I think I can cut that back by not shopping this weekend but do with what we have. Don’t use the car for the school holiday (who ever reads this who knows me…..you’re invited here but don’t mind if I don’t come to your place!) . So here are the ten things I will do instead of shopping.
1. Mow the lawn.
2. Read the books I haven’t read yet.
3. Invite some friends around for lunch……..the menu will be interesting!!!
4. Walking.
5. Knitting
6. Tidy the house and garden.
7. Walk the dogs
8. Visit local friends
9. get my seeds into the seed trays
10. sell stuff on ebay

So this is going to be a looooooooooooong month! No shopping will happen and at the beginning of next month when I log on and check my Halifax balance all I will see is big fat zero!!


5 thoughts on “I hereby solemny swear!

  1. I made a frugal dessert yesterday and thought of you. I was making fish cakes (£2.98 for 12!!) and had a bit of egg and breadcrumbs left over. I put them together in a bowl with a bit of milk and some chopped apricots and little bit of butter. and gave it a bit of vblast in the microwave. and sprinkled sugar on top. hey presto – pudding. Bub wolfed it down…. and I have to saw it was very tasty!


  2. Have just discovered your blog because i have been just setting up one of my own on a similar theme.

    I am really interested in the debt reduction side of things. Are you reducing just personal debts or are you trying to become mortgage free as well?

    Would you like to become one of my followers? I would find it very encouraging to get some comments, you see.


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