Scrubbin’ it on the cheap!

I’m feeling exhausted. I have a simple solution to feeling grotty and that is to smell nice. My mum used to say that there was no excuse to be dirty because soap and water was cheap! Well it isn’t now. I shower and don’t bathe and time my shower to five minutes… actually Mum….water is expensive! I got the shampoo as a total bargain from Co-op at a £1 each and it lasts for over a month for the two of us. The scrubby sponge replaces expensive exfoliators, pink girly razor is for staying pink and girly and the rash expense is the ‘Sanctuary’ perfume, which dearly beloved bought me from ebay(£7) with some money he had made from selling a few bits and bobs. The Boots body spray was £1.39 and although a deodorising body spray, it actually leaves a subtle all over fragrance that lasts all day. Well, I’m off for five minutes of pampering and then off to bed, smelling lovely for very little and cheered up to boot.


4 thoughts on “Scrubbin’ it on the cheap!

  1. well I was most delighted when Miller Harris sent me some samples for FREE when I asked. OK they won't last long and I still *want* that perfume….. But still, it will last a wee while…I told them I tried it in London and wasn't sure which one it was but thought it was….or it might have been…. and signed up to their website…

    I admire your frugality in the shower. I am addicted to a bath a night… but am going 50% on myself – only every other day now. ANd yes – because our water bill is VAST….


  2. You are right about water being expensive and I know that the southwest has some of the most expensive rates in the country. I really enjoyed your garden vlog, you have a lovely garden


  3. I like nice smells. My favourite is the English Lavender hand cream I bought from Bransby Rest Home for Horses. A special treat for me and a small donation for the charity.


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