Sunday message from the frugal pulpit

Being a teacher saves me a lot of money. My life has a routine to it and very few suprises. Every teacher I know is a complete and utter tight wad, so we all take packed up left overs to eat in our classroom at lunchtime, we never go out to the pub together as we all live in the four corners of Cornwall and even Devon, we all dress plainly and modestly so there’s no fashion parade at work and we all have frugal holidays (somewhere damp in a tent!) so there’s no one up manship about who went where! So the routine of my life, even though forced on me, is not hardship and saves me money. I can and do wear the same suit for years and years! I can snazz up an outfit with a new shirt or scarf. I work regular hours and days so I can launder on Saturday and leave it until Sunday to dry and it’ll be done by tonight.
My weekends are usually as follows. Saturday – clean, shop, cook, garden. Sunday – lie in, school work for about eight hour; iron work clothes, make lunches and collapse in front of the TV for the last time for a week. So there is no time to waste money or do anything that involves any expense. We also have a skill which means we can diversify to make money by exam marking, coursework moderating, one to one tutoring and I am always doing one of those to make extra money. Since my onslaught to eradicate my debts began I have earnt an extra £130 a week (after tax) which means I’m too tired to do anything and that saves me money too. The highlight of my weekend has been watching the Cornish drizzle dampen my new seeds, getting all the laundry done, all of my marking up to date and my lessons prepared for the rest of the week. So, being a teacher saves me money…………I promise I am not part of the recruitment drive, but there is a shortage of teachers and joining the profession will save you all a fortune!


2 thoughts on “Sunday message from the frugal pulpit

  1. I was much more frugal when I was teaching. You are right…routine really helps. Now I don't have that routine and I find spending money, which of course is less plentiful with not working (!!), has become too easy a “routine” to fall into! Cx


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