Daily debt update

Anyone who has debt knows that it feels like a heavy load on your back – all of the time. Mine feels like that. I’m either planning work, checking how we can make some more money by selling things on ebay, looking for the most frugal food options, not using the water, electricity, gas or car and it consumes me!

I mentioned yesterday that Santander had offered me another 0% balance transfer option; although they would not increase the credit limit so I only moved £1182.75 onto a 0%. I still have a load on my back but it’s amazing how it becomes steadily lighter. As I mentioned yesterday; I will pay the complete amount of my private tutoring cheque into my Halifax account and after that and the balance transfer my ‘high interest’ credit card will have a balance of approx £500. Somehow and don’t ask me how just yet……..I’ll pay that off in a month!!!

My snowballing technique means that I will start paying what I used to pay to both cards to one of them. So, the weight feels lighter today.

In an answer to some of the replies I had yesterday. I have to make sure that neither of us spends anything as we both take the viewpoint that ‘treats’ are self-indulgent foibles that we can never afford whilst we owe someone else money. Our treats are time with each other, pottering around our garden, local walks, snuggling up together and watching a film, chatting in the bath together with plenty of bubbles or just cooking dinner together. There is nothing we can buy that actually makes us happy in any way. I also remember a truly important message that “God calls us to make the most of what we have; always remember the good, the true and the beautiful; be inspired and be inspiring”. I also know that I have to live the change I want to see in the world and as I want the world to be more eco-friendly and less polluted; I have to live lightly on this beautiful planet of ours.


7 thoughts on “Daily debt update

  1. I love how you are focusing on the free experience kind of treats. They are the real treats aren't they. One of my favourite quotes is ' you have got to make your own fun, other wise its just entertainment….” and so very satisfying to pay off those damned cards. Sometimes it doesn't feel like we have gotten very far this year, but we have no debt (oh ok the massive mortgage) but no consumer debt. And a years ago that was definately not the case. Now we even have some savings


  2. Sorry, spelling error in my post, deleted and reposted.

    I totally agree with you on treats. Short term fix, long term pain. I ration the treats I buy for myself because my books have to balance. I need to save money in some areas to free it up for others. Besides, treats are something you work for, they are not a right.


  3. You are right about debt feeling like a load on your back weighing you down. I certainly feel like that,our debt is going down a lot slower than yours, but we are in control and throw as much as we can at it. I'm always trying to find ways to make more money, treats are a rarity for us too x


  4. Brilliant progress – well done you! In not that many months, you will have given yourselves the ultimate 'treat' – you will be debt-free with complete peace of mind.

    Then you will have to set up a savings ticker to replace your debt ticker!!



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