How many ways can I use up leftovers?

Clickety Let me count the ways clickety…………………….I make my own bread and save all of the crusts in the freezer; I then make bread crumbs in the food processor and love the way they are chunky and irregular.

I used up some of the remainder of the breadcrumbs by making a treacle tart and with some of the spare pastry; I made a cheese, onion and tomato quiche. We had no ‘salad’ in the house to eat with the quiche so I grated two large carrots, chopped two cooked beetroot and made salad dressing from the zest and juice of an orange, a splash of vinegar, some olive oil and a sprinkle of salt; all shaken together in an old jam jar.
Here’s the quiche and treacle tart. We’ll eat half the little treacle tart and freeze the rest; have a slice each of quiche and the rest will be divided up into portions for both of us to take to lunch for the next two days.

Supper! Treacle tart made from left over bread and instant custard (9p a pack from Morrisons!) Quiche with carrot, orange and beetroot salad.
Treacle tart and custard 50p per portion Quiche and salad 50p per portion so Ā£1 per person per meal!


7 thoughts on “How many ways can I use up leftovers?

  1. not that I make my own bread, but I do have a lot of breadcrumbs in the freezer – my fave thing to do with them is to sprinkle a hefty layer on top of the cheese sauce on my home made pasta bake. yum. oh an fish cakse….


  2. It just amazes me how much you can do with so little – but you have to have the rest of the household on board too. You are very fortunate there. Another tasty looking meal.


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