Where’s my Michelin star?????

Take a bag of old crusts out of the freezer and ding them in the microwave for just a few seconds to soften. Then blitz in the food processor until large chunky crumbs. Pour the crumbs into a bowl and add some black pepper, salt, some lemony herb mix that you have lying around. Take the defrosted wild pink salmon, that you bought in Aldi for £2.50 for four pieces and roll it in one beaten egg, that you’ve diluted with milk to make it go further. Then roll in the bread crumbs, then dip back in the egg mixture and repeat with the bread crumbs – I like a crispy crust.
Bake the salmon (I use all of it, we’ll eat the remainer cold for lunch tomorrow) in the mini oven for about 20 minutes. Cook the half packet of cherry tomatoes leftover from yesterday (25p in the co-op on my way home)
Take a bag of spinach – 79p Aldi and wash in warm water (that’ll almost cook it) and cook it in a tiny amount of water and tiny knob of utterly butterly and then stir in half a pot of Aldi low fat soft cheese (49p a pot), sprinkle in a little black pepper and some squirty lemon juice that keeps in the fridge for years. It’s now creamy and lemony. Pile up on a plate, we love it and there’s so much nutrition for so little money.

Place the crispy salmon on top of the creamy spinach and add the cooked tomatoes which squirt and mush deliciously when you stick your fork in them and becomes almost a tomato sauce to eat it with. Very posh and cost? £1.16 per person!!! What do you think you would pay for that in a restaurant??? I hope dearly beloved appreciates the money I have saved him tonight!


7 thoughts on “Where’s my Michelin star?????

  1. Good explanations too. Clear and lacking piffle 🙂

    You'd have saved a few pennies on the leccy tho maybe, had you took the crusts out the day before.

    Easier said than done, I know. I'm cooking us Iceland boil in the bag smoked haddock tonight which is cook from frozen. I still could have defrosted it and saved on the cooking time. Lastminute dot com's got nothing on my dinner preps.


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