Cotehele House, Quay and Mill

We arrived shortly after 10 am this morning and the car park was already full! We spent a couple of hours around the house and gardens and then walked around the quay area. As ever, lunch was out of foil and a flask but we had a lovely few hours.

I know the National Trust is a charity but it’s expensive and I was glad to have the chance to go for free. If any of you are in South East Cornwall; I can really recommend this house but you will need walking boots or wellies as it was too wet for us to access some of the walks today. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful place and so many of the flowers are already out in the garden.

The back of Cotehele house (the ‘modern’ extension)
Picnic down by the quay.


6 thoughts on “Cotehele House, Quay and Mill

  1. I have heard a lot about cotehele, I thought that it was renown for its daffodils. It looks lovely, the NT is extortionate, then they wonder why people wont visit!! (I know that it is due to the cost of upkeep, but the prices are what put us off)


  2. hi dubgirl – cotehele costs £8.70 per adult!!!! that's just beyond my £40 a week budget for the both of us, which covers everything we have to buy!!! days out, eating out, socialising etc is just out of the question so today was such a treat!


  3. When our kids were little, we had a family membership to the NT for a couple of years. As mother-in-law lived in Callington at the time, Cotehele was somewhere we visited every time we were down that way. It is my favourite NT place. The old clock is wonderful. We have some good photos of the kids clambering over things down at the quay. Happy memories! Thanks for reminding me 🙂


  4. I know its really expensive for one visit, but if you are holidaying in the uk, and with a family, I think the yearly pass is pretty reasonable. MInd you – we dont even have a car at the moment so all a bit pointless really….


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