Recycled Furniture

My dining room is never normally this tidy! This was taken when we had the house on the market and we ‘de-cluttered’ the house.

Nothing in this room is new or cost very much. The curtains are homemade. The floor was laid by my son, who is a carpenter. The dining room suite was £80 from a house sale and the shelves were made by my son and I recovered the chairs. I love this room and love polishing the table as it was the first piece of ‘grown up’ furniture I’ve ever owned as the table and chairs match the sideboard which also match the corner unit. I love the way the wooden floor shines when the sun hits it and remembering Sunday lunch with the family. It takes so little to make a house a home. Usually the room has racks of drying clothes and the table is covered in school work nonetheless; there’s no place like home.

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4 thoughts on “Recycled Furniture

  1. You bought that suite because you love it, but that furniture is in demand now. I am in the process of changing some of my Ikea/MFI falling apart flatpack stuff to solid second hand 60's/70's furniture but I am very cheap and prefer to get a bargain. When I look round my home and see how little I have spent and get compliments it feels good. My Mum had a thing against anything second hand and always used to say that I wasnt that poor that I had to buy second hand, but it feels so much more special to “find” such furniture. I love reading your blog and following your debt free wannabe journey. We have been clearing debt too and will have cleared it by June. Keep going xx


  2. We went to the Household Auction last week, it was awful to see lots of lovely, solid, vintage furniture going for peanuts, or just not being sold, It seems the old dark wood (and some of it was lovely stuff) just isnt in fashion – one 'Dealer' was telling me it all 'Shabby Chic' that sells these days.
    I'd say to anyone – get to the Auctions for a bargin – and a great day out, I find it facinating – just sat watching the proceedings!

    Vicky x


  3. it looks lovely, when we moved three years we had flat packed furniture which did not survive the move, so we buy 'pre-loved' furniture now, I think there are pics on my blog
    old fashioned glass display cabinet – £35
    pine desk – ebay – £10
    pine entertainment unit – £5
    carved oak tv cabinet – ebay – £15
    and another tv cabinet from ebay just 99p
    pine kitchen cabinet – £50

    Josie x


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