Having a frugal good time

I’ve started thinking of the summer and those days, weekends and evenings where we make the most of every hour of daylight. I’ve also been looking back at the photos of us with the kids when they were young and they were spent on Plymouth Hoe, Tinside Pool, Dartmoor and camping in Cornwall. We had no money and used to pack up a picnic, a flask and get in the car and the only expense was the £1 for the Torpoint ferry and the fuel to get us where we wanted to go.
All the photos have smiling faces and the treat was the sandwiches and a drink when we got there and we would even sit in the car and eat it if it rained.

Now the kids have grown and even though we could do so many things; we still love to get outside into the air. Some of the things we have bought have been expensive initially but have given us years of service and days and days of enjoyment. We bought a new tent last year and it was a total bargain from ebay of £80 and I’m really looking forward to a few days away as soon as the weather gets better. We also have bikes and a bike rack and love to cycle down the Camel Trail or around Cardinham woods. A week’s holiday for us will cost us around £100 and some of our lodger’s money is going into a seperate fund to pay for a week away and this year we hope that our son and his girl friend will take some time to come with us and have a holiday. Nothing beats the simple pleasure of camping somewhere quiet and just vegging out by the tent with a cuppa, in a deck chair with a good book.

The money saving is going really well and we’ve spent nothing again this month and paid huge chunks off our debts, saved and not wasted a penny. Roll on summer!


6 thoughts on “Having a frugal good time

  1. That's a coincidence, I have been trying to find a cheap hostel for this weekend, in Yorkshire, and I'm not having much luck. My plan B is to chuck the tent in the car and turn up at a campsite. If that fails, sleep in the car:0)


  2. I've got fantastic memories of Cornmwall holidays when i was little and persuaded my (now) husband to go to Looe for our honeymoon. It was chilly, March, but the sun shone for us.

    Unfortunately we broke our exhaust pipe as we drove off the Torpoint Ferry so our spending money went on the repair. Funny when you look back.

    Married 22 years now and he came home from work yesterday with a boot full of logs and told me he thinks the exhaust is blowing 🙂

    No better off now but hey ho we've got our Cornnwall memories.


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