Foraging for lunch.

A wonderful sign of imminent spring is the appearance of wild garlic. (allium ursinum) The leaves are tender and soft and can be picked without disturbing the root. So, whilst walking the pooches I picked a pocketful to make a flavouring to go with our lunch.
Give it a good wash and then dry it. Chop it finely with some salt and stir into a paste with some olive oil. Rub it all over the free range chicken (or fish?) near the end of the cooking. (excessive heat kills the flavour)
Oh, to be truly frugal, use the heat of the oven to cook the food for the rest of the week. I cooked two casseroles and two lasagnes whilst the oven was being used.
More typical behaviour of the frugal as gas is horrendously expensive!! Why waste it by only cooking one meal.


4 thoughts on “Foraging for lunch.

  1. I noticed the other day that it was starting to sprout. I love walking through it, the smell is lovely, can't resist picking a few leaves, and rubbing them between my fingers.


  2. Really impressed how many meals you managed to cook on one day.

    I'm buying larger joints of meat now and roasting in one tray. One for today and one for the freezer. Found that freezing improves the meat (over just serving cold the next day).

    Anyway I've got two shelves in this oven so have room for a pie or summat and a cake when its done.
    Will find preparation of all the above at once a challenge though!

    Love your blog šŸ™‚


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