We’re in it together!

I love the simplicity of weekends. I have a leisurely lie in on Saturdays and get up around 9 am, which is four hours more sleep than I have on a week day. I strip the beds and ‘get the washing on’ – it then goes on the line if it’s not raining and comes in later to finish on the clothes racks. I go shopping on a strict budget of £40 for everything. I cook. I garden. I read. I watch TV or go out for a walk with the dogs. I blog or read blogs, I forum and email and catch up with the newspapers on line.

I have the most wonderful weekends just pottering about with dearly beloved. I have no doubts about my life choices or the route I have taken until some one asks me about my weekend when I get to work on Monday. “Did you go anywhere?”………………”Did you eat out or go to the theatre/cinema blah blah….” and my answer is invariably the same. Those I work with are incredulous that I don’t just drop the suits to the dry cleaners, pick something up from M&S and leave the money for the cleaning lady! They just can’t see the pleasure I get from pressing onion sets into the soil or turning my compost. Well, we’ve had a wonderful weekend and our journey is amazing as; we’re in it together. The simplicity of our frugal life has united us against the banks, the shops, the retailers and the ‘life style’ brigade and it strengthens me against the side ways glances that are either pitying or piss taking. I was delighted at the incredible support from readers of yesterday’s blog and know there are a lot more of ‘us’ out there doing our bit to live the simple life and long may we continue!!! Here’s to us! Long live the frugal!
Fridges of the frugal are always packed with cheap and nutrititious veggies and not much else. Notice the lack of bottled water or beer!
Ovens of the frugal are usually mini and use a miserly amount of electricity. Every frugal kitchen has a lidded bucket for kitchen scraps, which are composted and never wasted. The simple money saving life is very light on the planet. We know who we are!!

“I’m frugal to pay off debts, to tread lightly on the planet and to live a simple life.” Frugal Queen


9 thoughts on “We’re in it together!

  1. To me your weekend with your OH sounds idylic and exactly what I have been doing myself. The photo of your fridge just looks like mine, full of healthy nourishing food that doesn't cost the earth! It will be even better when its summer and we can just walk down the garden and pick tea for free 🙂


  2. Sounds good to me 🙂 It's funny we went for a lovely walk this afternoon as it was so sunny. I said to Mr Twigs, what did we used to do on Saturdays before Twiglet came along and he said, go shopping and spend money we hadn't got, on things we didn't need – good point Mr Twigs. We're a lot happier now. I think a lot of folks go shopping as a leisure pastime cos they haven't got the imagination to do something else.
    Twiggy x


  3. Well said! Frugality rules! What most of us do and enjoy would never satisfy the masses. Frugal living is a life style choice of a minority, the rest are just following a trend like dum sheep. Mind you, even sheep are more brainy than that, lol. My weekends are very similar to yours. Peaceful contentment is far more apealing then going out to spend money on things we don`t need. Weekly shopping trips are conducted on a limited budget and with a written shopping list in my pocket. This way I`m never tempted to overspend.


  4. I love the creativity you have to find to survive when you are living a frugal life. I think even if I were massively rich (which in many ways I most certainly am) I would still seek creativity and out of the box ways of dealing with the world. Life is so much more when you look at it away from the mainstream


  5. Your fridge looks lovely. Saturdays at home for me also, sounds of the Sixties with Brian Mathew on Radio 2, 8 till 10am. I really don't want to join the masses at the shops.


  6. Heres a good idea for us men. I've been looking for an alternative to shaving foam for some time now. Thought I'd pass this on, I found on another blog
    Homemade Shaving Gel
    1/2 cup liquid organic castile soap
    1/4 cup hot water
    1/2 tsp salt (this acts as a preservative)
    2 tbs vegetable glycerine
    2 tbs aloe vera gel
    8 drops tea tree essential oil*

    Please note however, that this recipe does not make a thick gel like commercial shaving gels – the mix will be only marginally thicker in texture than the liquid castile soap – however a little goes a long way and the aim is to only coat the skin enough to lubricate the razor.



  7. One of the reasons that I enjoy shift work is that weekends can be on any day of the week. It is a bit confusing, but it appeals to what remains of my “inner anarchist”.

    Today may be Sunday for most people, but it's Thursday for me.

    So, have a great weekend. (I'll have mine on Tuesday and Wednesday)


  8. I have literally had the laziest weekend ever. Had an exam friday so decided to give work a rest for a couple of days. I've finished my book, caught up on sleep and television programmes and there's an apple crumble baking in the oven right now!


  9. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me 🙂
    Mine is similar – go ride the horse, walk the dogs with OH, make breakfast, read the papers, do a bit of gardening/reading/ironing/potteringabout etc. It's what weekends are for! Shopping for 'stuff' or going out to the pub/the cinema etc is just not on my radar.

    Love your blog. You are so inspirational.


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