Luna on the i-player

I was mesmerised. I held my breath and like so many who watched this film; lamented the inevitable death of such a beautiful creature.

Luna the orca whale was separated from his family and maybe because he was lonely; sought human attention. He was curious and followed boats and was eventually killed by the prop of a boat. The ‘first nation’ local people saw him as the spirit of an elder who had returned and wanted to protect him. In the film, the orca is lured into nets where the authorities want to put him into captivity but the local people in canoes lure Luna away by singing and beating the sides of their boats. I have lots of reasons for being frugal and one of them is to look after this world, to not clog it up with waste and to leave plenty of clean space for every other creature who has every right to be here. I’ve provided a link to the i-player and enjoy the film if you didn’t catch this on the BBC. The link to the film is below xx
Here’s the film on i-player…………….enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Luna on the i-player

  1. An incredibly sad film!! But it also teaches us that humanity will never be able to connect and look after animals and the planet in ways that preserve and appriciate all life forms to their fullest capacity, if we can not even stop our misuse and abuse of this earth and its creatures,- most of all, when we are still waging war against one another and between nations. Unfortunately only a minority of human kind is blessed with unconditional love and compassion toward everything and all living beings. And as long as humans see themselves as the dominant being, humanity will not be willing to learn from other sentient beings, or be willing to share the space we all occupy, peacefully . Sadly, the story of that orca will not be the first or last of many more such sad tales.


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