The Ministry of Food would be proud of me!

Oh Marguerite Patten would be proud of me today. Yesterday we used up what we had lying around and today I used up the leftovers from that! The WI should make me an honourary member!! CLICK HERE
Chicken Chasseur with ‘veggie burger rice’! Here’s how you do it. Take 200g of chicken breast, chop into cubes along with a pepper, small onion and four carrots. Sauté them all together. (Notice the Ministry of Food influence – lots of veg and not much meat!)
Mix up the casserole sauce, which of course was on offer in Lidl and were 3 for £1 – bargain!! Leave to simmer for half an hour whilst waiting for dearly beloved to get home.
Next take the veggie burgers and the half bag of spinach left from a previous dinner. Wash the spinach so it’s clean and wet.
Stir the veggie burgers into some left over rice, that I had previously put in the freezer ‘for another day’ and stir them together.
Add the spinach, a knob of utterly butterly, the rice and spinach into a microwavable bowl. Add a splash of lemon juice (I always have a bottle in the fridge for cooking and cleaning purposes) cover with clingfilm and cook for three minutes as dearly beloved comes through the door. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of the finished dinner but the batteries are flat in my camera and I haven’t charged any yet – but it was lovely. Not quite £1 each due to the chicken and there was some spare for lunch tomorrow, already in a plastic pot ready to take to work and heat up for my lunch. So that makes it leftover, from my leftover from my leftovers!!!! Nothing but nothing gets wasted here – I tell you !


5 thoughts on “The Ministry of Food would be proud of me!

  1. I shall tell Marquerite about you, as she quite frequently pops into where I work. She lives in Brighton, just near my work place. She is in her 90`s now, but still very brain active. An incredible lady with imense knowledge, still encouraging people to grow their own food, to live life with a 'mend and make do'attitude. I love chatting with her when she pops in to bring her dry cleaning to us. I also have 2 of her cookery books on my shelves.


  2. People like her are the salt of the earth, as they say. They just don`t make `em like that anymore, lol. She has been on TV again, last November, and on the radio in January, advocating allotment growing and home cooking. An amazing achievement for someone of her age.


  3. Marguerite actually recommends we re-invent something like the Ministry of Food, giving it a modern aproach and more apropriate name, as she thinks that young women could do alot worse than learning the basics of good housekeeping, cooking and financial budgeting, just to know how to feed a family well when the finances are the way they are this minute. I fully agree with that. I`m lucky to have learned alot from my mum and gran, but most modern women have none of that knowledge now. Cookery lessons and sewing lessons should also be re-introduced into schools, I think.


  4. I thought I'd say 'hi', I've been lurking for a few days, me and hubby have managed without credit cards since 2006 and some of our our meals
    chicken curry (saturday) using potatoes,half cauliflower, carrots, onions, tin value curry sauce – 20p
    Ready cooked chicken thighs (£2 – tesco) using half for sunday dinner(rest of cauli)
    monday – rest of chicken for chicken casserole (pkt mix 30p) on tuesday – mince from tesco £1.20 use half for shepherds pie and rest for spag bol on wednesday

    there is a full weekly menu somewhere on my blog but I'm still spending approx £55 a week for food/cleaning products for 2 adults and 2 cats and I'm sure it could be cheaper….

    Josie x
    ps) found you via bubbles, tracey's daughters blog


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