Veggie burgers from ‘if its’ at very little cost.

Rice 50p, carrot 5p, pepper 30p, mushrooms 45p, beans 39p, third of a jar of sun dried tomatoes 25p , free range egg 20p – however, it’s all been lurking around the cupboards and fridge. £2.14 – and that’s for three people for supper tonight.
Break the egg into the food processor along with: a small chopped onion, chopped pepper, chopped drained sun dried tomatoes, beans and tin of mushrooms, I added some garlic and a sprinkle of corriander – blitz for a few seconds.
Grate the carrot into a bowl, add the cooked rice and the ‘blitzed’ veggies and beans and combine together.
Use the a ‘shaping’ ring to make the burgers – I made six tall huge burgers.
The colour didn’t come out well as my kitchen has ‘funny light’ but these veggie burgers are really colourful and I can’t wait for supper tonight! We’ll have these with salad – photos added at 7 pm and they were really delicious, with some salad and homemade bread and a sprinkle of homemade balsamic dressing and we have one each for our lunches tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “Veggie burgers from ‘if its’ at very little cost.

  1. I would never have thought of using all of these ingredients to make burgers – they look fantastic, and there is nothing left to waste away in the store cupboard.

    You are really inspiring me, and so far I have been able to reduce my food bill by about £15 per week.

    Thanks so much, keep up the good work x


  2. I see, you are quite adventures with left over bits in your cupboards. Inventing your own recipes is fun. I quite often do it myself. I`m in the process of creating a recipe booklet for my grown up kids now; all from my own inventions and some oldfashioned recipes from my grandmother, too.


  3. I usually make up recipes depending on what I have, there's lots more in the cupbaord to come. There's lentils and a whole host of pulses which can be turned into delicious dinners and spares for lunches the next day. And Jo – how do I sign up to a blog if it's on wordpress? that link you gave me was fantastic and the recipes are going to be added to our table!


  4. I just “visit” Weezl regularly but I have added her to my list of blogs that I follow – you know that list here on the blogger dashboard.

    Weezl has a good imagination. You should have a look on moneysavingexpert at some of her earliest threads when she was living on a small portion of a shoestring – not a whole one as in the old saying. £1 for the two of them for a whole day's meals!

    I like the idea of your veggie burgers. I think they might appear on our menu soon. If I can show my husband a photo of the finished burgers that is appetising, then he'll take to them better. Thanks!


  5. I should have said that Weezl does her homework and always makes sure that the five portions of fruit and veg are included and a good variety of vitamins and minerals. That is important too.


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