My car is a luxury and not a necessity

I was reading a forum this morning that asked the question ‘is a car a necessity or a luxury’ and if we define necessities as ‘what we need’ then I don’t need a car. I go to work by train as it is cheaper and saves wear and tear and depreciation on my car, which I bought two years ago and will be the last car I will ever buy. I can get any where by train or bus if I don’t expect to travel outside of timetabled times. It does mean I get to work slightly earlier and leave slightly later but I often walk to Lidl, which is next to St Austell station and pick up a ‘daily’ and bring home only what I can carry each day.
I’m sure people reading this will think ‘well I don’t have a bus service and I don’t live near a station’. Well here’s our secret. We lived in Plymouth for thirteen years and moved to the same street as our kids’ school so they could walk on their own as I believe all children should. Mike walked to work, so did I and I went to college on the bus. We chose where we lived based on transport as well as the house and schools.

When we moved to Liskeard, we found a house within 20 minutes walk of the station and I purposefully wanted to work in the school I work in as it is next to the railway station in St Austell. So, choose your next address if you want a car free life.

Most of the journeys that dearly beloved and I take are on our own and there is no way we would have two cars and the train does take the strain, especially when we hear of the regular fatalities on the A38 between Liskeard and Plymouth.

We do use our car and it is for luxury trips, days out, to the moors, to Looe but we still choose the train if it can take us where we want to go at the times we want to go there. If I ever shop to the point that you need to fill a car up then I ask myself…….am I buying too much?


3 thoughts on “My car is a luxury and not a necessity

  1. Interesting post and some very good points that you have raised. I put our transport under 'necessity', and for some people having use of their own transport is not always a luxury.

    There are no train stations anywhere near where we live. For the seven of us to catch a bus would cost more than the petrol plus wear and tear. One of our children is in a wheelchair and having attepted to use a bus with him some months back – 1st bus to arrive couldn't take a wheelchair, 2nd one already had a wheelchair on it and couldn't take another – after over an hour waiting at a bus stop and there being another half an hour until the next bus, we gave up!

    For some people there is no choice of where they live and moving is not an option.

    Maybe one day our situation will change, but for now I place our own transport under 'necessity'.



  2. I use my car for going out treats or if I have to fetch and carry stuff for the Scrapstore. We have a reasonable bus service, but it's no good if you want to go out at night.


  3. hi there bright and new, any family will find it economical, sustainable and sensible to use a car, if it's full – then it's doing its job properly – as I said, we travel alone and it's cheaper, greener and sensible for us to use public transport and we don't go out at night and once we're home we're home – there are lots of couples like us who never use public transport, have two cars and go places alone with an empty car………..mean queen? you are the bus queen!!!! i can't wait to be like my mum and travel with my free pass and get out on trips like you do and see places!


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