Cooking by date order…….best before manky!

Take one pack of broccoli and cut off brown bits and dried bits of stem; there’s nothing wrong with the rest. Cut the manky bits off the mushrooms that have started to turn a bit brown and wipe with a kitchen towel. Use of the rest of the dip that you got two for the price of one and some salad that’s lurking in the bottom of the fridge. Salad consists of what is left of the red cabbage, the tomatoes, the iceberg and a grated carrot with some olive oil and vinegar. Cook the broccoli first and then add the pasta (reduced to 69p in Lidl) in at the end.
Mix the salad well. When the pasta and brocolli are well cooked; add the mushrooms that you cooked well through in a little butter and salt and add them along with the sour cream and chive dip and heat well through. Serve with the well seasoned salad.

Using up all the ‘if it’s’ makes sure we don’t waste any food, eat well (good nutritionally) and supper is really colourful and exciting. We end up eating masses of the good stuff so we don’t need any snacks in between meals which is supposed to be healthier for us and again this meal came in around £1.20 per person, so not too expensive either.

Eco? I save the mushroom cartons and use them as seed trays.


7 thoughts on “Cooking by date order…….best before manky!

  1. looks really yummy!

    Can you remember how much the sour cream and chive dip costs? I may get some to try if it's as versitile as you make it! I've never thought of using it as a cooking sauce before, what a great idea 🙂


  2. Oh that looks absolutely delish. A perfect dish for us to try and I struggle sometimes to find something to feed all three of us as my eldest is a vegi and she does love her pasta. 🙂


  3. Hi

    I'll tell you a funny story

    Recently, we went to stay with some friends, together with another family who are also good friends.

    We had a cooked breakfast including mushrooms. The mushrooms were the value ones and quite old and shrivelled.

    One of the other family remarked how nice the mushrooms were. They were delicious because they were all shrivelled and dehydrated so the flavour had intensified.

    The person who remarke don their lovely flavour comes from a household of high spenders – you know all finest this and waitrose that.

    I think he thought they were designer/special mushrooms.

    t made me smile


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