Fruity pots and blogger’s mates.

I am home early today as my conference finished after lunch and I came straight home and it’s a joy to be home with some day light left. The conference was held at St Mellion in Saltash so I came home via Lidl and bought four more fruit bushes. I have six plants altogether and they cost me £8. I have planted two blackberry canes, two raspberry canes and two red currant bushes. The patio stays much warmer at this time of year so I hope they will be safe there. I planted some rhubarb last weekend and it’s already thriving. Dearly beloved usually does jobs like this but he’s been brilliant to me lately whilst I’ve worked late and I know he’ll be late home, off a crowded train tonight so I’ve done it for him.

I blog daily on my dinky laptop; usually sat in my lounge and wherever I am the blogger’s mates keep me company and listen with cocked ears as my fingers tap at the keyboard. So as I blog, this is what I can see.


8 thoughts on “Fruity pots and blogger’s mates.

  1. I got some fruit bushes from the pound shop a couple of years ago. They started growing soon after I planted them, and last year I had raspberries and red currants.

    I love your cute little dogs.


  2. I also blog with a mate around but in my case it is a cat on my lap – good furry covered hot water bottle. I know that her display of affection is probably just her making use of me as a centrally heated sleeping pad, though 🙂


  3. Are you going to keep them in their pots or plant them in the garden? I got two blueberry bushes from Wilkos for a couple of quid. Apparently blueberries have to be planted in twos, do you know if this is the same for other soft fruits?


  4. Hi Fran – I have planted two of everything, i don't have any where dug, or flat or that gets any sun so I'll see how they get on in pot, the blackberry will grow anywhere and I'll train it up the wall on wire and nails – i'll see what happens with the rest


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