Dearly beloved is no Gordon Ramsay!

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Firstly he’s mild mannered and softly spoken and rarely produced an expletive. He cooked again tonight as I was at work, at a parents’ evening until 9pm so I came home to a huge cottage pie, full of veggies and really tasty.

The partners of teachers really suffer from the hours we work and put up with so much of the work we bring home each night. So this is a blog in celebration of him, who cooks when I work late, who brings home papers and magazines off the ‘London’ train. I went shopping in my lunch break today and bought him a present a bag of dolly mixture and a red currant bush from Lidl! He’s is incredibly supportive. Thanks for dinner xx
Thanks for the messages. After working late and I came home and worked even later as I have a ‘National Challenge’ conference today and needed to prepare my presentation so up early to rehearse and had dearly beloved bring me breakfast. He is no Gordon Ramsay (nor am I) and his cooking is dependable but I don’t think Gordon could beat his breakfast special of marmite on toast!


5 thoughts on “Dearly beloved is no Gordon Ramsay!

  1. Who needs a Gordon Ramsay with his rude attitude? Dependable blokes like yours are far more appreciated in this uncertain world. He deserves a pad on the back!


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