The miserly march ever onwards!

Today I worked late, tutoring and earned another two hour’s pay! I caught the late train home and arrived to ‘man food’ or the type of food that can be cooked on a camping holiday as we’re still eating ‘if it’s!’. Beans on toast with a fried egg, some grated cheese and a left over sausage shared between us! The heating is now off and I’m wrapped up warmly and set to sit by the fire with my lap top and get some more school work done this evening! I’ve just checked the calendar and it’s a four and a half week month until pay day. It’s going to be a loooooong month!


4 thoughts on “The miserly march ever onwards!

  1. Beans on toast with a fried egg is, possibly, one of the best meals in the world!

    Cheap, full of protein and quick to prepare! Perfect! 🙂

    We have also turned our heating off now. It is not allowed back on until November. I'm snuggled up under a fleece at the moment.

    Keep warm x


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