"If it’s"……………………

I’m not shopping this week and I will make do with what I ever I have. Today it’s pack of sausages from the bottom of the freezer, with a tin of potatoes and those were roasted together in the mini oven, with a some frozen veg which I micro-waved. I made some instant gravy in a mug whilst under Scruffy’s gaze. (and wearing a big wooly jumper to keep warm) Who knows where this plan less menu might go this week. By Friday I could be on porridge with jam for all three meals!!!

It’s going to be a miserly March as we have car insurance to renew and such an expense is hard to find and the only answer is to go without somewhere else. A year ago I would have put this on a credit card and would have paid for it one day but that can no longer happen. I don’t mind “if it’s” for supper and I don’t mind porridge with jam for three meals if it means living within our means!! So watch this space for some ‘odd’ dinners this week.


5 thoughts on “"If it’s"……………………

  1. I love how committed you are! best of luck. I am the queen of store cupboard meals, but am very disappointed that my hub hates; fridge spanish omelete, risotto, and thinks that soup is a starter!!
    best of luck!!


  2. When you get lots of quotes for the insurance – try doing through somewhere like Quidco AND without Quidco. The year before last, our quote that came up as the cheapest quote was through Quidco which meant £70 cashback. 🙂
    Last year the benefits were not as clear so we didn't do it. Quidco also have “daily clicks” which net me £2-3 every month. No benefit to me in telling you this but I thought you'd like to know, if you didn't already. You get cashback for buying through ebay or play.com. My aim is always not to buy if I can help it but if I can get cashback on something that I am going to buy anyway… Every little helps!


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