Cleaning with bicabonate of soda and other eco products

The kitchen.

In a spray bottle (from poundland) half fill with water then add about half a cup of vinegar – I use Lidl malt vinegar and then a squirt of washing up liquid – spray where you like and wipe off with an old pair of undies, half a t-shirt or old flannel

The cooker – wipe down the worst of the grease and old peas, when the cooker top is still damp – sprinkle sparingly with bicarb, use a scrubby sponge to get any burnt bits off – then use a warm damp sponge to finish off.

Work tops – just wipe down with a wet cloth and wring out in the washing up water before you make it too greasy.

The fridge – wash out once a week with warm water and again a sprinkle of bicarb,, rinse and wipe dry.

The floor – sweep whenever you can – use a bucket and old sponge or cloth and some warm water and dash of wash up liquid and dash of vinegar to soap, wipe over and dry down with a dirtyish towel that’s about to go into the wash anyway.

The dining room and living room – sweep the floor and mop/wash the same as kitchen.
Furniture – damp dust and once in a while mix a tiny drop of olive oil and vinegar together and wipe down old wood furniture, buff with dry cloth to make it shiny – usually when your mum is coming or trying to sell the house! and don’t worry my house doesn’t smell of salad dressing or vinegar as these natural smells pass very quickly.

Windows – wash with soapy water with dash of vinegar and buff dry with newspaper.

Bathroom – scrub out with a brush and sprinkle bicarb around the loo – when you flush clean out the brush so you don’t leave any ‘residue’ and clean the seat down with neat vinegar as it gets rid of any splashed wee that mights have got there – I stick this on a bit of loo paper and have a wipe round.

Sink and bath – splash around to make damp and sprinkle with bicarb and rub around with a scrubby sponge – rinse off with some water and dry with a towel about to go in the wash – clean the floor with warm soapy water and again dry with the towel you dried the bath and sink with.

So no expensive cleaners (although I do buy a bottle of ecover washing up liquid and it lasts a month and it cleans everything including the car!!) just water, a cloth, scrubby sponge, olive oil, half a lemon and a bit of elbow grease – no need to even use electricity and no internal pollution either. I like a clean house and give it a good going over once a fortnight and keep the kitchen and bathroom clean as we use them and I must have saved myself £10 a month in cleaning products that I no longer buy.


7 thoughts on “Cleaning with bicabonate of soda and other eco products

  1. Thanks for visiting .
    I.ll bear in mind your cleaning methods , I could sure do with saving, keeping away from fabric sales would be a start .
    power to your elbow with free fabric–cottonreel


  2. Brilliant post, thank you so much!

    As we run out of cleaning bits and bobs I am planning on replacing them with home made – I'm going to be copying out quite a bit of this post! Very helpful 🙂


  3. Yes – the old remedies are often the best! I once worked with an older lady who had been a housekeeper in one of the posh members' clubs in Pall Mall, and she told me that they wiped down the beautiful antique wood dining tables with a solution of vinegar and water daily, to remove any food residue and guard against build-up of polish.



  4. Thank you! You have no idea how that has saved my life! I have a flat inspection this week and the place looked awful when I woke up this morning. I'll provide a link to this on my blog.


  5. Great tips – if I can just add this one…
    If you have residue of burnt food on top of your hob, just spray with some of your neat vinegar, or even just plain water and leave for a few minutes. Everything will soften up and you will probably be able to avoid the use of abrasive sponges which can damage enamel or special surfaces.


  6. Good morning Frugalqueen

    i have used bicarb but thought you needed lemon juice/acid to activate it. Thus i often didn't have the latter to hand so my usage wained.

    So you can use it neat. Didn't realise.

    glad to learn


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