Frugal clean

Windows washed with warm water and tiny drop of washing up liquid and then buffed with newspaper. The workout also got that thick fleece off me by the time I had cleaned all the downstairs windows and now I can enjoy the view.
Kitchen sink and bathroom and loo cleaned with bicarbonate of soda, an old sponge and some warm water – this costs 39p and lasts for about a month of cleaning and really is the only cleaning substance that I buy.
The week’s washing out to blow in the winter air and even though there is very little sun; it’s nearly dry and will finish off in the lounge window. I used to have a cleaner at the cost of about £25 a week and used to have a tumble drier a few years ago and cost the planet and my pocket. I’m more aware of the need to exercise and as I’ll never be seen in a gym; rigorous housework is a good substitute and I’m very warm after a couple of hours of it. Saving money and looking after the planet does take a few minutes more and a bit of organisation but I have money left at the end of the month and I use a lot less carbon than I used to……..which has got to be a positive. House is nice and clean as well and without any chemicals.


8 thoughts on “Frugal clean

  1. I can't wait to get the washing out, but it's tipping it down here! What do you do for the upstairs windows? I've just done all ours inside, but waiting for a dry day to get out there for the outside…


  2. Hi getting stuff done – bicarb cleans anything and everything and it's completely 'eco' I use vinegar in the slightly soaped water when I wash the wooden floors to get remove any greasy residue from bare feet and dogs' paws


  3. I'm going to have to start using bicarbonate of soda for cleaning now. My flatmates went out and spent nearly £10 on cleaning products yesterday then expected me to fork out for half. How do you actually apply it then? Is it just a case of dissolving it in some water?


  4. Have you considered buying your bicarb etc in bulkier weights, which will then cost you less? I use a website where I buy all the stuff I need to make my own washing powder, along with a kg or more of bicarb at a time. I find it to be much cheaper that way.


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