The smell of the sea

Platters in Plymouth, which has its own takeaway next door and also owns Rocky’s diner on the historic Barbican in Plymouth. It’s a really romantic place for myself and dearly beloved and he used to take me there when we were ‘going out’. We used to love to amble around the Hoe and the Barbican and take the kids for a walk to see the ships and buy them an ice cream or let them skate board of roller blade on the Hoe (ssshhhh….it is forbidden!) It really is an atmospheric place.

Myself and the two children, moved in with Mike nearly fourteen years ago and we had next to nothing between us. I was at college and he worked in a hi-fi shop and we barely put shoes on the kids! When we got a little more money together I can remember going to Platter’s Restaurant and eating mussels and some times calamari and they sell the best fish, I’ve ever eaten in the country. Fish and chips there is £8.95 now. But if you are ever in Plymouth, then try it and know that fourteen years ago we fell in love with the tiny restaurant and we will get back there for some mussels one day in the future. Tonight I made fish and chips for under £2 for the pair of us. Haddock was reduced at the end of the day and battered by me, the spuds and peas were pennies and I can’t do my top button up now!


5 thoughts on “The smell of the sea

  1. Hi, I found your blog through the down the lane forum., really enjoying reading about your journey to debt freedom. I have been to platters before and the fish and chips were great. All my family live in Cornwall and I try and visit several times a year, take care x


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