I’ll have 84 hours please!!!!!

Today I submitted my over time claim form as I’ve been banking it for 10 weeks as I had asked for it at the end of the financial year. I’ve banked 84 hours of 1-1 tutoring!!! No wonder I’m tired.

I could have taken the money each month but I might have spent some of it. I haven’t spent or taken any. So at the end of March, after tax, I will bank the payment on one day and payout to HBOS the next day.

Next week I start the next cohort of tutoring and five more students will raise their grades and I will squirrel away money and not take it until June and then pay off another chunk of debts. I used to see debts as the amount I paid each month to ‘service’ them and now I see them as a mass of money, that I’ve spent, that actually belongs to someone else that I need to pay back. However, on the last day of March, I will owe a considerable amount less in debt. Sometimes the simple life seems a long way off and the road to freedom seems extremely long, up hill and stoney at times but I have the map and I know that I will get there. It’s amazing that HBOS themselves are not really bothered about the people that lent them the money to stay afloat: they really are shameless. (p.s enjoy Show of Hands)


4 thoughts on “I’ll have 84 hours please!!!!!

  1. oh john, the money system uses fictius money that never really existed and the whole economy is based on a lot of 'gas' to be polite – there is nothing I wish I hadn't done as much as I wish I hadn't borrowed money!


  2. I know Jane, I took out loans when I was running a business. Now, I wish from the bottom of my heart I had not listened to the smooth bank employees, telling me how easy it was to take loans and an overdraft. Now I see the greed that is at the core of those institutions, and understand how they operate, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Oh well, such is life!


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